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January 20 - February 18
Planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Aquarius – Characteristics and Personality Traits

What are Aquarius like?

  1. Aquarius are often great visionaries and dreamers who do not tend to respect traditional values and knowledge of the past.
  2. Famous Aquarius are for example Charles Darwin, Thomas Alva Edison and Galileo Galilei. Each of them did enough to turn science over.
  3. Aquarius do not judge you according to their first impression. They will be frank with you, but they will not tell you how you should live. Aquarius know that everyone has his own ideals and desires.
  4. Aquarius live in the sky (their element is the air), so you can sometimes see them sitting on a rainbow, pouring streams of their fantasy down onto the ground.
  5. Aquarius do not like to make any commitments, so they feel uncomfortable when they have to schedule an appointment or a deadline for project delivery. Aquarius leave things rather open and want to have the back door unlocked.
  6. Aquarius is not the one who goes first with a flag into the battle. Instead of real warfare he prefers to meditate under a tree and wait for enlightenment like the Buddha.
  7. Male Aquarius is attracted by mystery. The woman who wants to get him has to arouse his curiosity first. Thus, reading an open book is no challenge for the Aquarius man.
  8. Men born under Aquarius do not like purposeless gestures. Instead of a rose bouquet, he will give you a single dandelion with a smile on his face.
  9. Female Aquarius ­expects you to be interesting and entertaining. She lives for the present. To be bored with an old millionaire and wait for him to kick the bucket is really not her style.
  10. Aquarius unfortunately often suffer from lack of permanent feelings. It is characteristic for them, because Aquarius element is the air. Even though they canget really excited for things deeply, it often does not last long.

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Famous Aquarius


Paul Newman, actor (26 January, 1925)
John Travolta, actor (18 February, 1954)
Gene Hackman, actor (30 January, 1930)
Jack Lemmon, actor (8 February, 1925)
Michael Jordan, basketball player (17 February, 1963)
Robbie Williams, actor (13 February, 1974)
Phil Collins, singer (30 January, 1951)
Peter Gabriel, singer (13 February, 1950)
Justin Timberlake, singer (31 January, 1981)
Tom Selleck, actor (29 January, 1945)
Burt Reynolds, actor (11 February, 1936)
Nick Nolte, actor (8 February, 1941)
Benicio Del Toro, actor (19 February, 1967)
Benny Hill, comedian (21 January, 1924)
Bob Marley, singer (6 February, 1945)
Henry Rollins, singer (13 February, 1961)
Axl Rose, singer (6 February, 1962)
Valentino Rossi, racer (16 February, 1979)
Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer player (5 February, 1985)
Nicolas Sarkozy, politician (28 January, 1955)
Abraham Lincoln, politician (12 February, 1809)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, politician (30 January, 1882)
Ronald Reagan, politician (6 February, 1911)
Charles Darwin, scientist (12 February, 1809)
Thomas Alva Edison, inventor (11 February, 1847)
Galileo Galilei, scientist (5 February, 1564)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer (27 January, 1756)


Natalie Imbruglia, singer (4 February, 1975)
Jennifer Aniston, actress (11 February, 1969)
Mia Farrow, actress (9 February, 1945)
Shakira, actress (2 February, 1977)
Paris Hilton, celebrity (17 February, 1981)
Virginia Woolf, novelist (25 January, 1882)