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March 21 - April 19
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire

Aries – Characteristics and Personality Traits

What are Aries like?

  1. Typical Aries are pioneers who motivate others with their exemplary enthusiasm.
  2. The nature of Aries is straightforward. (For example, if they want to share a new idea or experience with you, they do not hesitate, pick up the phone and call you right away, evenat midnight.)
  3. Aries often throw caution to the wind and go straight to the point, which they may later regret.
  4. Aries live for today – tomorrow is too far for them, yesterday has gone, so the only moment for life is right now.
  5. People born under the sign of Aries are initiative and ambitious. They become easily enthusiastic about something.
  6. Aries often lack certain gentleness, humility and sense of social tact. In addition, they are usually impatient, which is the worst combination for their diplomatic skills.
  7. The element of Aries is fire. They are full of energy, courageous and enterprising.
  8. Aries are not naturally thrifty. What brings joy to them is not money in the bank, but money transformed into experiences and people's smiles.
  9. Aries are unable to do anything by halves, they fall in love with their full hearth.
  10. Aries can hardly pretend passion they truly do not feel. These people are vital and always look for new challenges and adventures.

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Famous Aries


Eddie Murphy, actor (3 April, 1961)
Jackie Chan, actor (7 April, 1954)
Russell Crowe, actor (7 April, 1964)
Robert Downey Jr., actor (4 April, 1965)
Sir Elton John, singer (25 March, 1947)
Eric Clapton, singer (30 March, 1945)
Alec Baldwin, actor (3 April, 1958)
Steve McQueen, actor (24 March, 1930)
Gregory Peck, actor (5 April, 1916)
Marlon Brando, actor (3 April, 1924)
Michael York, actor (27 March, 1942)
Charlie Chaplin, actor (16 April, 1889)
René Déscartes, philosopher (31 March, 1596)
Leonardo da Vinci, artist (15 April, 1452)
Vincent van Gogh, painter (30 March, 1853)
Johann Sebastian Bach, composer (31 March, 1685)


Lady Gaga, singer (28 March, 1986)
Mariah Carey, singer (27 March, 1970)
Celine Dion, singer (30 March, 1968)
Samantha Fox, model (15 April, 1966)