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June 21 - July 22
Planet: The Moon
Element: Water

Cancer – Characteristics and Personality Traits

What are Cancers like?

  1. Cancers often submit themselves to changes of their various feelings. And their feelings change as often as the lunar phase. Actually Moon is the planet of Cancer and their element is water, which is a symbol of unconsciousness.
  2. As people born in Cancer are highly sensitive, others like to share secrets with them.
  3. Thanks to their conservative nature Cancers do not prefer changes and adventures. Sometimes they can miss interesting and lucrative opportunities because they are not able to step forward quickly.
  4. Cancers can be easily hurt with your inappropriate remarks. If that happens, they withdraw to solitude. Cancer will reraly strike back in revenge.
  5. It is not easy to convince Cancers to give up something, what they really like. If Cancers clutch something in their claws, they will not easily let it go.
  6. Before people born in Cancer launch into something new, they plan carefully. Every Cancer enjoys the support either in experience or in good examples.
  7. Cancers have never enough money and material goods. Even while traveling, it is always very important for them to have a safe place to return to.
  8. Male Cancer needs love. He is caregiving and physical closeness of someone beloved means a lot to him.
  9. Female Cancer is moody. You have to know how to comfort her in the moments when she doubts whether she really is beautiful, whether she can cook well or whether you honestly love her.
  10. Cancers avoid stormy waters and hate waste of resources. Extravagant hedonists will not usually be among their good friends.

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Famous Cancers


Tom Cruise, actor (3 July, 1962)
Tom Hanks, actor (9 July, 1956)
Sylvester Stallone, actor (6 July, 1946)
Harrison Ford, actor (13 July, 1942)
David Hasselhoff, actor (17 July, 1952)
Lionel Messi, soccer player (24 June, 1987)
Prince William, prince (21 June, 1982)
George Michael, singer (25 June, 1963)
Carlos Santana, musican (20 July, 1947)
Ringo Starr, musican (7 July, 1940)
Ernest Hemingway, novelist (21 July, 1899)
Dalai Lama (Tändzin Gjamccho), spirtual leader (6 July, 1935)
Nelson Mandela, politician (18 July, 1918)
George W. Bush, politician (6 July, 1946 )
Rembrandt van Rijn, painter (15 July, 1606)


Princess Diana, princess (1 July, 1961)
Meryl Streep, actress (22 June,1949)
Pamela Anderson, model (1 July, 1967)