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Gemini - 2019 Horoscope


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Gemini's hearth – the compass needle of 2019

Gemini, in 2019, feelings will be decisive. For example, marriage of convenience may not end well. Likewise, boring work, even though wonderfully paid, may soon end with hour's notice. The horoscope advices Gemini simply to listen to the impulses from the deepest heart.

Of course, you cannot just "blindly" follow every movement of your mind. But the horoscope's message for 2019 is clear – the key to happiness will be just what you feel. Gemini, let yourself be guided by the voice of your heart, similarly as you would follow a compass needle. Then the right path will reveal itself to Gemini.

Horoscope urges: do not believe the slander

You can't tell whether there is a worm hidden in an apple, plum or cherry, unless you cut these fruits and look inside. The horoscope therefore warns Gemini: do not believe in superficial evaluation, slander or rumour. Always try to convince yourself about the real truth with your own eyes. If you believe in what others tell you, you may throw away fruit that has never been wormy (for example, you will fall out with friends because someone said this and that ... or you get rid of a fully functional device because they wrote that it could harm by doing this and that ...) The 2019 horoscope suggests that Gemini could suffer the consequences of being trusting too much. Thus, in 2019, it will be essential to relay on reason, which must control naivety and recklessness.

Gemini born for reality

Gemini, you should focus on personal contact more than ever. When something looks and sounds like a duck, it may at the end turn out that it is not a duck at all. Smell, taste, touch – all this belongs to genuine life more than the initial impression or "spark". What do we mean? Above all, online dating is definitely useful (let's say as a fishing hook), but Gemini was born to enjoy the real world. The year 2019 is, according to the horoscope, a time when you should definitely prefer personal encounters over virtual reality (generally the Internet) as well as favour company over being alone.

The horoscope tells you that a hand shake, a caress or a real eye contact can be more valuable to Gemini than a half-day phone call. You can't judge any glue by a TV ad, but only by trying to glue a shoe or a cracked vase with it. Likewise, few minutes of real personal contact is often enough to find out how much you understand and go with others.


According to the 2019 horoscope, Gemini will become convinced that other people are not "remote control devices". Even if you often would like to be able to switch your love (dear, husband, wife, lover ...) on / off, or tune the "right channel", only with one simple button on the remote control, the horoscope shows that such a desire is basically completely foolish. If others became mere puppets of Gemini's whims, it would be very difficult for you to enjoy such relationships. Gemini, the year 2019 will bring the search of respect and learning of tolerance in love. You will, more than ever, realize that love involves contact with real living beings and not just a flawless connection with robots (read more).


Obedience and desire to move forward, these are two key elements that may determine the ideal potential of Gemini's work during 2019. The horoscope suggests that the unstable nature of Gemini will cause problems in areas where respect is needed. In the first place, it can cause you incredible problems to meet demands of your boss if you do not consider them 100% correct and useful. What more, the year 2019 seems to soon appear as a "too tight jacket" to Gemini. Calendar, a list of tasks or study duties, all of this can soon start to jangle your nerves! According to the horoscope, the anarchist and the rebel will awaken in Gemini. Gemini will get the intention of overturning all professional habits (read more).