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Leo - 2019 Horoscope


2019 prediction

Horoscope predicts a U-Turn

In 2019 the proud Leo will have to accept that everything has the limit (even highest trees cannot reach the sky). The 2019 horoscope heralds that a certain change in the current trend is on the horizon. Leo, if you've been doing wonderfully so far, you should be prepared to a sudden stop of this "growth" trend (business profit, international expansion, website traffic etc. will not grow steeply). However, such an obstacle should be perceived primarily as a challenge of happiness, as the first step of harmony and stability, because of the rule that "the higher you ascend, the deeper you may fall".

2019 will bring a good wind to the sails

Well, the contrarian case may be also possible. If the luck has been avoiding Leo for a long time, this year's horoscope is a symbol of hope and change. The unfavourable trend will simply disappear one day. In 2019, you will begin to get rid of debt, disagreements, injuries or any other troubles that bother you.

Leo's inside energy

2019, however, will be a solid "pump", rather than some free and sweet "icing on the cake". This pump (similar to mining valuable energy from an oil well) will allow Leo to get the most valuable energy out of the depths of the personality and turn it all into success – but all that thanks only to your hard work. Your life is not "The land of Cockaigne", a painting from Bruegel (1567) that shows the mythical land of plenty, a "paradise", where food is simply coming in the mouth itself.

Beware of fools

The horoscope also predicts that you will often have a bad luck and meet fools of all kinds. Leo, do not despair. This is especially a challenge of your destiny to test and train your character to the perfection. In 2019, Leo will develop generosity, tolerance and ability to think and act independently.

Interfere or be neutral?

In the year 2019, Leo will start to address the question whether it is better to let things go "free" or whether to interfere, direct and regulate everything around. But, the right solution lies somewhere between. A match without rules and referees usually ends in an ordinary fight. Conversely, a game that will have a 100-page manual of rules will become difficult and boring even before you start playing it. According to the horoscope, Leo will not despair and will rise rules where the chaos prevails now (relationship, household, work etc.). And, vice versa, where the rules obstruct the everyday life, Leo may simplify things.

Horoscope encourages fans of fashion and humour

Leo, the horoscope for 2019 also reveals that more than ever, your zodiac sign will depend on  design, appearance and therefore on the overall impression you will make on others. You do not have to be always spick-and-span, but people will surely notice such details as: whether you wear ordinary plastic Swatch watches, doesn't matter they are Swiss, or really more luxurious models of brands such as Tissot, Certina or even Omega or Rolex.

Do not worry, however, if you have to reach deeper into your pocket and can't afford much of the luxury. According to the horoscope, Leo will show a razor-sharp character in 2019 and definitely attract the attention with your unique humour and a brilliant analysis of every situation. Do you like going out? If anyone in 2019 knows when it is the right time to step on gas or brake, then it is certainly Leo!


Love in 2019 has all the prerequisites to become a true paradise. The landscape ahead is full of care, understanding and dedication. All the top essences of the relationship should be within reach. The horoscope also stimulates your eloquence and the talent to handle words in general; the Leo's ability to flatter and to comfort others will be at the long-term peak. According to this year's horoscope, you can express your feelings (get dressed into words) better than ever before. This ability may help you, if you want to merge your life through love with someone else, or vice versa, if you want to end an embarrassing love affair. Leo, surely you know the saying: "Speaking is silver, silence is golden". However, this will certainly not apply to you in 2019 (read more).


The 2019 horoscope predicts a bombastic career to Leo! Leo often looks civilized and cute like a Chihuahua – but behind the mask of a harmless cat tamed in human form, there is a real animal power that can bare teeth and show sharp claws. The work duties of 2019 may finally wake you up. Leo is definitely a zodiac sign that needs a variety of challenges to properly pump blood in the veins. The 2019 horoscope indicates that it is very likely that Leo will encounter some "unfair element" in work. You may be offered a bribe or a service in return for violating your responsibilities. Do not, however, be thrown off balance. Honour is one of the greatest virtues of Leo. If temptation comes (read more).