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Libra - 2019 Horoscope


2019 prediction

Horoscope anticipates a step forward

The horoscope dedicated to the Libra sign tells us that 2019 will be one great journey of life. If you have a set of coloured pins, count with using them to mark all the places on the map where you travel during the whole 2019. Libra, looking at the calendar, you may easily find that it resembles a fine selection of travel agent's destinations. Anyway, if you have the feeling of a bashful stalling, then 2019 will surely convince you that you have done at least one courageous step forward (and it necessarily does not have to be travelling in the physical sense).

2019 = transformation

The horoscope also admits that 2019 may become a year of important transformation for Libra. But you do not have to put an ice bucket on your head to target some serious issues (perhaps you remember the "Ice Bucket Challenge" of 2014, when many celebrities were taking an ice shower, including George W. Bush , Bill Gates or Steven Spielberg).


An important life transforming event may well come from the very opposite direction – by introspection (self-observation). Horoscope invites Libra to be bold and try for instance keeping yourself in the dark for 48 hours. Here can you only meditate and be quietly "with yourself". However, instead of tempting pictures on Facebook or other social networks, you will be able to post only a black square as a reminder of this unusual activity.

Executive Libra

Libra, it will be also very important how you try to manage others, or how you assign tasks to them. The horoscope actually admits that Libra, sometimes rather hesitant and shy, will grab the opportunity in 2019 – your life is in your own hands! This, however, is not a challenge to any rudeness. You should get rid of useless shyness and start behaving confidently, but politely. Simply put, do not be afraid to enter the room (new work, sports team, project ...), knock and get in, greet everyone well and choose the best place available. The horoscope encourages Libra to be active, because your direct attitude will be rewarded in 2019!


Libra, the 2019 love horoscope admits that love will be unpredictable, similarly to a butterfly flight. Thus, prepare for love, attractive at first glance, but volatile and variable at the same time; and, in accordance with your element (air), often completely ephemeral one. But what can you do with such a prophecy? The inspiration for Libra may be surprisingly the ordinary drying of laundry "in the wild", on fresh air, not in an automated dryer, as is common today. The horoscope reminds you, that if a t-shirt or pants are not fixed firmly with clothespins on the washing line, the wind may easily blow the laundry away and all gets dirty. If Libra will "lose balance" in his/her love relationship, remember that you need simply to stick to one particular "line" (read more).


Walking or running is a natural source of endorphin, that means of very good feeling. Libra, regarding active elements in your horoscope, you should think about the work that will take you out of the office (if you work in some of course). But if your job is the professional air traffic controller, it is probably hard to become suddenly a surveyor who has no need for fresh oxygen or walked miles. However, if Libra feels discontent in 2019, the reason must not be only insufficient salary. The source of your restlessness may dwell in the question whether your work provides enough freedom and (spiritual or career) growth (read more).