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Pisces - 2019 Horoscope


2019 prediction

Horoscope encourages originality

Pisces, if you'll look for new job and write a letter of motivation in 2019, or even compose an important love letter, consider writing it with your own hand, using filling pen, or vice versa with an old typewriter, or picture it as a promotional leaflet, or a police „most wanted“ alert. The horoscope reveals that in 2019 Pisces will have a perfect opportunity to show others that they do not belong to a "ruminant herd" (figuratively speaking among people with lack of imagination and originality).

2019 favours bold Pisces

Show others that you have the courage to do things differently. It is clear that trying to be original does not always meet everyone's understanding, but that is already part of this bold task. The horoscope for 2019 wants Pisces to get prepared on a crooked path that can't be avoided. A steadily rising airplane must also land sooner or later and pick up the fuel for the next flight (it can not only rise only higher and higher). Even the one who wants to become a figure skating champion has to often fall painfully during the training to become a true master. The horoscope tells Pisces that the potential of 2019 is great, but only courageous and persevering can get really big.

Wings for "flying" Pisces

Compared to the usual "swimming" nature of Pisces, that is suitable for a swift ride through all problems of life, but in 2019, according to the horoscope, small wings will grow to you. Do not worry, you will not become a Sea eagle, a mighty predator who cruises the sky like a Boeing 747, a robust icon of sky. Pisces may well acquire the features of a small hummingbird, or even smaller ladybird – that is, act inconspicuously and yet gain sufficient insight into things, plus ability to skilfully manoeuvre. In this way the horoscope expresses your ability to handle 2019 nicely.

Scissors, thick line ...

The year 2019 will also help as a sort of imaginary scissors that can cut you off from the past and change your outlook or lifestyle. Maybe you feel regret. But probably you do not belong to those who, with a stocking on head, took part in a bank robbery ten years ago. According to the horoscope, a normal person born in sign of Pisces will rather feel the usual need for some radical change. The horoscope suggests that in some cases the desire to "bury the past" can be literally unbearable. However, the 2019 horoscope sees a great opportunity by Pisces – the ability to name the problems and at the same time to find the energy and the courage to solve them.


Pisces, if we take into account trends that the love horoscope suggests for 2019, you should especially be careful that you can't get away with a lie. In matters of love and relationships be very cautious, the more if you do not intend to tell the truth. Pisces, your attention and the ability of the long-term concentration will be maximized in 2019. Your thoughts may resemble a tiny lizard in the hot summer sun. It can slip out of grip or escape to anyone with clever tactical move. Likewise, the horoscope brings a message (read more).


Pisces, work will cause a particular interest to you. However, the horoscope suggests that during the year 2019 a certain amount of suffering will be associated with your career as well. However, it is not entirely clear whether the cause may be a misunderstanding with the team, a disagreement with the superior, or a poor financial reward. Yet the horoscope predicts that for the end of the year a vision of something pleasant, warm and soft will be already significant. What can it mean (read more).