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Scorpio - 2019 Horoscope


2019 prediction

Horoscope appeals to be cautious

Scorpio, if in 2019 someone starts to offer you a double digit interest to increase the value of your savings or maybe to offer you a twice efficient pension fund, than a red light should definitely blip in your mind. Miracles take place only in fairy tales. Double digit profits entail a double digit risks. And the horoscope recommends to Scorpio relying more on the wisdom of our grandmothers, a common sense, that does not know instruments such as " Collateralized Debt Obligation" or other dubiously sounding investment instruments.

In 2019 invest money with your heart

Scorpio, the 2019 horoscope recommends to entrust your money only to a business you understand well, and ideally to that one you really like. If you are enthusiast for ecology, you may invest in water or wind power plants, or lend a small amount of money to a friend on a farm that will grow "bio" vegetables, and when the profit margin drops by 20%, you will live with the knowledge that you have supported the right and useful thing (horoscope advises that invest more than you are willing to lose, does not make any sense – better than that is leaving the money idle on your account and wait for the right opportunity to buy cheap and sell high).

How to calm Scorpio's volcano?

Life, it's not just money. In 2019 Scorpio should be prepared to curb his/her impulsive nature. The horoscope humorously tells that if a crime book may be written about you, then this year  is the best opportunity (imagine titles such as "Coped with Mount Everst, but not with mother-in-law" or "The quest for the missing boss"). But take this warning easy. It's all just about to motivate Scorpio to work with emotions and vent them properly in time, to get rid of useless pressure that's accumulating inside. Even the Papine's pot has one main hissing valve, and another safety one.

Scorpio's element

A preference for drought instead of water is remarkably apparent in Scorpio's horoscope for 2019. That's strange because water is the basic element of the Scorpio sign. What such kind of turnabout may mean? First of all, is it perhaps a presage of some health complications (Scorpio becoming ill with rheumatism?), it is also the call for a prudent usage of power (may the Scorpio's water mill suddenly dry out?). Simply put, if you are taking part in a cycle tour, first check the brakes, and as a pole vault champion (look for your own parallels with challenging life "jumps"), check twice if the pole doesn't shows signs of wear and also you'd better find out where is the nearest hospital, just to be sure.


Big, strong and bushy – it could be a bear's description, rather than key words for the love horoscope of men and women born in Scorpio. The horoscope tells us that Scorpio's love in 2019 may seem awkward at first glance, but it will really be very strong one. And whoever knows enough about animals should be careful because the "clumsy" body of bear may deceive you easily. 2019 at a speed of up to 56 km/h - Such a Grizzly bear can run at speeds of up to 56 km, or 35 miles, per hour (for comparison, Usain Bolt has run the world record at a speed of 44.72 km, or 27.78 miles, per hour) (read more).


Good job serves like an umbrella in bad weather. It can provide protection and stability even in the case of adverse fate. Of course, it depends on your co-worker team to a large extent. Scorpio, the career horoscope says that if something does not work well, you should try to fix it first. People born in Scorpio usually do not have much patience and often choose rash solutions that are not the best in the long run. No one throws dirty shoes away, but usually people at least try to brush them, or wash them, even if the manufacturer forbids that. Simply, why at least not try something when there is nothing to lose? According to the horoscope, Scorpio will be very inventive in 2019 (read more).