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July 23 - August 22
Planet: The Sun
Element: Fire

Leo – Characteristics and Personality Traits

What are Leos like?

  1. Leo is a bright and proud ruler. Leos are smart enough not to waste energy on useless projects. When they know they can easily sweep the floor with a broom, they will not take a toothbrush for this work.
  2. Leos nature is to advise and manage others. They have a natural authority and they often do not even hide their own sense of superiority.
  3. All true Leos like to hear how good they are. If you want to please them or win their favour, flatter them!
  4. Leos like quality and they are willing to spend a lot of money on genuine luxury.
  5. Leos usually love sports because they are naturally competitive and they like to show how successful they are.
  6. They can sometimes be tactless and painfully honest. Leos do not want to hurt anyone intentionally, but they are straightforward and do not like intrigues.
  7. Leo is the one whom others rely on. If you try to offer them help, it will definitely berejected.
  8. Male Leo is generally not a scrooge. He will take you to an excelent restaurant and bring a whole bouquet of flowers rather than a single rose.
  9. Female Leo is definitely not a silent housewife that would be sitting at your feet in the evening and eagerly listen to every word of yours. She is an intelligent, capable and strong woman.
  10. Leos are not bitter. On the contrary, they are generous and know how to forgive.

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Famous Leos


Barack Obama, politician (4 August, 1961)
Bill Clinton, politician (19 August, 1946)
Arnold Schwarzenegger, sportsman, actor and politician (30 July, 1947)
Mick Jagger, singer (26 July, 1943)
Robert De Niro, actor (17 August, 1943)
Dustin Hoffman, actor (8 August, 1937)
Sean Penn, actor (17 August, 1960)
Robert Redford, actor (18 August, 1936)
Antonio Banderas, actor (10 August, 1960)
David Duchovny, actor (7 August, 1960)
Wesley Snipes, actor (31 July, 1962)
Woody Harrelson, actor (23 July, 1961)
Kevin Spacey, actor (26 July, 1959)
Louis Armstrong, musician (4 August, 1901)
Neil Armstrong, astronaut (5 August, 1930)
Usain Bolt, athlete (21 August, 1986)
Pete Sampras, tennis player (12 August, 1971)
Fidel Castro, politician (13 August, 1926)
Hugo Chavez, politician (28 July, 1954)
Henry Ford, carmaker (30 July, 1863)
Alexander Fleming, scientist (6 August, 1881)
Alexandre Dumas, novelist (24 July, 1802)
Stanley Kubrick, director (26 July, 1928)
Carl Jung, scientist (26 July, 1875)


Madonna, singer (16 August, 1958)
J. K. Rowling, novelist (31 July, 1965)
Jennifer Lopez, actress (24 July, 1969)
Sandra Bullock, actress (26 July, 1964)
Whitney Houston, singer (9 August, 1963)