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February 19 - March 20
Planet: Neptun
Element: Water

Pisces – Characteristics and Personality Traits

What are Pisces like?

  1. Have your ever seen a fish that would stay long at one place? Probably no, unless it was a dead one. Thus, regular Pisces must be always on the move.
  2. If Pisces cannot swim on the high seas, they anchor themselves to some colorful coral reef. Moreover, a Latin proverb says "Standing water becomes putrid" and Pisces understand that very well.
  3. Pisces are not much attracted by power and money. Having power brings responsibilities, worries and often also the need to be chained to one place.
  4. Pisces are spiritually and emotionally based beings governed by intuition. One must act quickly in the underwater world and there is often no time for long analysis and prudent judging.
  5. Pisces perceive money as a mean to a comfortable life and not as its goal. Pisces are more aware of the passing value of money than other Sun signs.
  6. Pisces have the possibility to be comfortably carried with the flow and only few swim against. Pisces naturally choose the path of least resistance.
  7. Pisces are dreamers, so they often put on pink glasses and they see the world in a more pleasant way. The real fish can only live under water and does not know our world at all.
  8. Male Pisces are sensitive and perceptive. They usually like to help others. You will certainly not be bored with such a man. As long as he does not swim to another.
  9. Female Pisces falls in love with the dreams and ideals of her partner to share them with him.
  10. Pisces are rarely chased to the corner. The world is an endless ocean for them.

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Famous Piscess


Albert Einstein, scientist (14 March, 1879)
Bruce Willis, actor (19 March, 1955)
Chuck Norris, actor (10 March, 1940)
Daniel Craig, actor (2 March, 1968)
Kurt Russell, actor (17 March, 1951)
Steve Jobs, founder of Apple (24 February, 1955)
Johnny Cash, singer (26 February, 1932)
Jon Bon Jovi, singer (2 March, 1962)
Elton John, singer (2 March, 1962)
George Washington, politician (22 February, 1732)
Michail Gorbačov, politician (2 March, 1931)
Antonio Vivaldi, composer (4 March, 1678)
Bedřich Smetana, composer (2 March, 1824)
Jack Kerouac, novelist (12 March, 1922)
Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher (22 February, 1788)
Michelangelo Buonarroti, painter and sculptor (6 March, 1475)


Sharon Stone, actress (10 March, 1958)
Elizabeth Taylor, actress (27 February, 1932)