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October 23 - November 21
Planet: Pluto
Element: Water

Scorpio – Characteristics and Personality Traits

What are Scorpios like?

  1. Getting on with Scorpios is not easy. Insults bounce off them and they do not melt down by compliments like snow in spring. Scorpios do not need anybody to tell them how good they are.
  2. Scorpios often have the evil eye. If your eyes meet, you probably move away first.
  3. Scorpios are very emotional and they take everything very seriously. They mask the inner volcano with their outer balance.
  4. Scorpios never forget, how others treat them. Even if they forgive you, they still remember old grievances.
  5. Scorpios are loyal friends and in case of an emergency they are able to sacrifice a lot for others.
  6. Scorpios do not like to go with the flow and are rather solitary. They do go out, but they are not too much worried what others think about them.
  7. Scorpios do not believe in false values and as parents Scorpios do not build castles in the air for their children.
  8. If you are a woman and the word passion raises fears in you, then you should rather forget about a Scorpio man.
  9. Women born in Scorpio are proud and mysterious. The saying goes: "You cannot see inside the watermelon nor the woman's mind". And that is true twice as much in the case of Scorpio woman!
  10. Never ask Scorpios what they think, if you are not ready to hear the truth.

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Famous Scorpios


Leonardo DiCaprio, actor (11 November, 1974)
Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft (28 October, 1955)
Richard Burton, actor (10 November, 1925)
Prince Charles, prince (14 November, 1948)
Pablo Picasso, painter (25 October, 1881)
Danny DeVito, actor (17 November, 1944)
Diego Maradona, soccer player (30 October, 1960)
Fjodor Michajlovič Dostojevskij, novelist (11 November, 1821)
Larry Flynt, publisher (1 November, 1942)
Martin Scorsese, director (17 November, 1942)


Julia Roberts, actress (28 October, 1967)
Björk, singer (21 November, 1965)
Whoopi Goldberg, actress (13 November, 1955)
Demi Moore, actress (11 November, 1962)
Winona Ryder, actress (29 October, 1971)
Jodie Foster, actress (19 November, 1962)
Annie Girardot, actress (25 October, 1931)
Grace Kelly, actress (12 November, 1929)
Hillary Clinton, politician (26 October, 1947)
Marie Curie, scientist (7 November, 1867)