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August 23 - September 22
Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth

Virgo – Characteristics and Personality Traits

What are Virgos like?

  1. Virgos are reliable and accurate. At the first glance, they are perfectionists with a calm and balanced view of the world.
  2. People born in Virgo are hardworking and attentive. They have analytical skills and they do not miss anything, although they are often too diplomatic to show it to the others.
  3. Typical Virgos are well organized and that may cause problems at work. If they have to work with someone who does not meet their high requirements toorganize tasks efficiently, that is a real trouble for them.
  4. People born in Virgo love harmony and appreciate every opportunity to bring order into the chaos. They believe the world will be a better place to live, if others will also live orderly and considerately.
  5. Virgos handle money as well as affection with consideration. They are prudent with both. However, their modesty may sometimes seem as greed in the eyes of others.
  6. When you go to a meeting with a Virgo, please be punctual. Virgos do not like lazy bones, stragglers and people who throw money at unnecessary luxuries.
  7. Virgos do not want to feel obliged or dependent on anyone. On the contrary, they are very independent and many of them remain for a longer period without a partner.
  8. Male Virgo only has few illusions, even if he is in love. Therefore love with him will not be like the story of Romeo and Juliet.
  9. Female Virgo is a real lady who always acts with dignity and keeps her emotions private. She has good judgment, so you cannot fool her.
  10. Virgos take long time before they decide to sacrifice their freedom for the whole life and get married.

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Famous Virgos


Michael Jackson, singer (29 August, 1958)
Ronaldo, soccer player (18 September, 1976)
Prince Henry, prince (15 September, 1984)
Hugh Grant, actor (9 September, 1960)
Keanu Reeves, actor (2 September, 1964)
Mickey Rourke, actor (16 September, 1952)
Sean Connery, actor (25 August, 1930)
Peter Sellers, actor (8 September, 1925)
Macaulay Culkin, actor (26 August, 1980)
Jeremy Irons, actor (19 September, 1948)
David Copperfield, magician (16 September, 1956)
Stephen King, novelist (21 September, 1947)
Goethe, novelist (28 August, 1749)


Pink, singer (8 September, 1979)
Cameron Diaz, actress (30 August, 1972)
Sofia Loren, actress (20 September, 1934)
Claudia Schiffer, model (25 August, 1970)