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Libra - December Horoscope 2015


Horoscope for December - Libra

The December horoscope for Libra recommends you – beware of eagerness. All who are born under this sign tend to have rather the opposite problem, to decide somehow and resolve to action. Now, however, it may be just the opposite. You will be easily tempted by offers such as '1 + 1 free' or similar. Don't take too seriously any proposals of dealers or your friends, who will argue that this is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime event. The movie will be played long after the premiere in cinemas and a new shirt for a unique price can be found in any other store. Libra, be more careful to avoid debt. Definitely don't lend money for Christmas presents. Your smile and composure makes more joy to others than a few extra boxes under the Christmas tree.

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