The 2021 horoscope brings hope and promise of many unusual experiences. Each zodiac sign can look forward to a special and unique message. In our horoscopes you will discover the perfect opportunities, weaknesses and challenges that are drawn by an invisible hand of fate on the life's journey of each of us. Focus on the essentials in love and career. Always be prepared – in 2021 count with the worst, but look forward to the best!

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2021 Horoscope for Aries

Life is not fair

Aries' horoscope points out that the main thing she or he will have to overcome in 2021 is hatred and the desire for revenge. You seem to have reason to feel offended or hurt. Life is not fair, we agree on that. But the true recipe for healing your anxious soul is reconciliation, forgiveness, and understanding. According to the horoscope, trying to repay others for what you received in the past, it may well be a  Molotov cocktail (flammable bottles) used by those who envy or who are desperate. But being angry is useless in 2021; it's like pouring oil on a fire. And in 2021 instead Aries has to pull logs out of the fire.

The horoscope encourages Aries to stay outside

Aries, in 2021 your knees will be important. Don't worry, however, the tough career of a cleaning lady isn't waiting for you. On the contrary, it seems that Aries will spend more time in the fresh air and your legs will keep moving. A walk or a run in the green will make your irritated mind more peaceful than a sip of sparkling wine or a bar of chocolate.

In 2021, you must withstand all the changes in the opinions of those closest to you

Aries, the horoscope suggests that many difficulties in communicating with those closest to you will also contribute to partial derailing of your nervous system. According to the horoscope for 2021, friends, colleagues and family can often and wildly change opinions like the compass shooter at one of the world's poles. Yes, the compass then spins around and doesn't know where to go. At such a moment, the blood of Aries could easily foam like a boiling coffee. However, the horoscope reminds that it is Aries who must stay above things and show others that she or he should be a lighthouse in the sea of whims and stormy moods.


In 2021, love will be a complete file. Yes, you hear me right. Your love life will perhaps begin to resemble a nicely organized, but also rich, catalog of an online store. A varied collection of items. You can choose equipment for a bold adventure, or save energy and stay at home on a comfortable sofa. Anyway, the horoscope whispers to Aries that she or he will have a lot to choose from during 2021. The year 2021 will become extremely entertaining and lavish in matters of love. But considering love, please stay away from financial obligations and focus primarily on  movements of your heart. 


Your career will be closely connected with learning this year. You will obtain a lot of new experiences. Aries will enjoy the team rather than independent work. The horoscope also anticipates a razor-sharp tongue. This can be useful if you intend to sell the best of you or your company. But Arties, don!t start criticizing in 2021 too often. The horoscope advises Aries: be inspired at work by the scent of roses, take thorns only as a necessary evil.



2021 Horoscope for Taurus

Taurus is an invisible rebel

Rebellion will be a pleasant life-boost for people born under the sign of Taurus. You don't have to wear torn jeans and a Rolling Stones tongue’s badge or t-shirt. A loud protest against the social establishment, or perhaps only against your mother-in-law, can take place only within your mind. According to the horoscope, the most important thing in 2021 is that you have to do everything against pressure building up in Taurus's soul. Avoid concentrating your anger or ignoring misunderstanding. It works like steam in Mr. Denis Papin's pressure cooker. Be open as much as you can and save yourself a heart attack and a lot of everyday difficulties.

According to the horoscope, you will get "terribly" rich

The 2021 horoscope also anticipates a period that will help Taurus gain more wealth. Would you like taking a bath in real champagne Dom Perignon, caviar for breakfast and maybe get a few door handles made of pure gold? In 2021 it may be! However, it seems that it is highly desirable to focus on spiritual values ​​as well. Taurus people are born under the element of the earth and above all they like everything tangible. However, according to the horoscope for 2021, you will enjoy spiritual, intangible wealth, more than ever. Taurus, look forward to the private symphony of your life; to endless moments that may transform and enhance the quality of perception of your everyday life.

Year 2021 as a loop

Taurus could also see a unique turnaround. The year 2021 will literally serve as a final station, a kind of u-turn, from where you have to continue in a completely new direction or at least look back and meditate for a while. No TV advice or best Internet tips, not even all the wisdom of antiquity, may not help you enough to solve your puzzling situation. In 2021 Taurus will enter unexplored territory outlines of which the horoscope shows only in a very vague way. 2021 will thus become a year of change, experimentation and a profoundly new way of life. The rock may turn out to be a curd; we're kidding, of course, but the horoscope reveals that things won't be the same for Taurus anymore.


Considering love, Taurus, please be prepared for the blows and loud sounds like a shot from a rifle. In 2021 love of Taurus will take the form of an explosive but well-targeted missile. The horoscope thinks that you don't have to worry about reckless flares, but rather that you can target your sparkling emotional activity in the right direction. Maybe after one hundred years historians will reveal your love correspondence and comparing it with all other signs of the zodiac, they will certainly be astonished at the clairvoyance and energy of Taurus, which will be  absolutely overflowing in 2021. According to the horoscope, a great novel or spiritual manual could be compiled from this year of Taurus life!


Surprisingly, during 2021 Taurus may find rest at work; and work will help create a harmonious counterweight to your private life. The horoscope reveals that Taurus will prosper especially where it is necessary to understand graphs, numbers and especially work with real people that are hidden behind under all those numbers. The year 2021 will show Taurus what it means to help others; it is like sieve the grain into the fertile ground. Not only wonderful feelings and genuine happiness will germinate here, but also true and lasting values, which will pave your memory indefinitely.



2021 Horoscope for Gemini

2021 in the sign of "volcanic" vigor

The 2021 horoscope for Gemini shows immense determination. What you will definitely not miss is the vitality of life, which will be apparent just like a volcanic smoke or a cloud of steam over the chimney of an old locomotive. Yes, other zodiac signs could certainly envy Gemini in this regard. According to the horoscope, Gemini will gain from discovering invisible crossroads that connect the destinies and abilities of others. In many unexpected meetings and surprising situations, new opportunities will emerge in 2021.

The horoscope encourages Gemini to be a gentle shark

Few chances of getting a tasty predatory prey will emerge from the fog of previously unseen coincidences. People born under Gemini will succeed unexpectedly like sharks on the shore. Mainly using opportunities in business, career or finishing a long postponed life project. In private, such a hidden “inner shark" can bring a few bites to Gemini, but with your ingenuity you can do the impossible, e.g. tame even this till now unknown shark, hidden deep in you. The horoscope indicates that in 2021 Gemini will realize that she or he understands similar predatory desires by other zodiac signs very well. Thus, the year 2021 invites you: pamper your predatory abilities and be a gentle shark!

Gemini, be finally honest with yourself

Inattention is your weakness, but according to the horoscope for 2021, you will benefit from this minor flaw in at least two respects. Thanks to the inattention, Gemini will miss what you really don't like; what you do only out of necessity or being forced by superiors or the neighbourhood. In other words, inattention becomes a valve of your sincerity, the horoscope reveals. If you don't like something, you just don't think about it. The horoscope announces that 2021 is a genuine opportunity to be honest; a time to admit even uncomfortable truth and be reconciled with yourself.

The horoscope anticipates a historical turning point

Gemini's own inattention or mental distraction will also positively surprise you when you will suddenly understand new yet unsuspected contexts of your life. Did you know that Camembert was actually discovered by accident? Yes, sometime around 1500, a woman forgot cheese in a cellar. And when she found it after a while, it was covered with a white mold. At first she wanted to throw it away, but when she tasted it, she was surprised by its wonderful taste (at least that's how Wikipedia mentions the story). But back to the present. In 2021, the horoscope indicates that many people born in the sign of Gemini may encounter similar surprises; historical, breath-taking and life-changing.


The love of Gemini in 2021 will be reminiscent of jam. Do you actually like the jam that is firmer, but completely mixed? Or do you like those sorts of jam that are significant with whole pieces of fruit here and there. The horoscope indicates in this metaphorical way that love of Gemini will take the form of something sweet but mixed. Do not seek support in love. Enjoy it, but do not expect to find any firm clues (pieces of whole fruit) among your deep feelings. But be sure, Vitamin C is included!


Gemini's career horoscope encourages you to have fast and agile fingers. Your muscles should not be idle either. In other words, it is definitely necessary to involve your body to a greater extent, otherwise your body will keep you informed about its idleness. Definitely there is no profound difference between work and your private life, because the day has only 24 hours, that may be divided between your body and mind. Nonetheless, your career has a great potential to benefit even from the visage of Gemini. You will be attentive, seductive and charming. That is a great combination. Your horoscope announces that thanks to this stellar coincidence the year 2021 will bring you a reward in the form of "obese" heavy wallets; as well as a healing balm to increase Gemini's self-confidence.



2021 Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer and blooming relationships

The horoscope announces that in 2021 people born under Cancer will be exceptionally happy in family relationships and friendly or partner constellations (even if you carry some heavy burden from the past). If Cancer perceives the family past as the Kalahari, a complete desert, then rejoice - people born in Cancer should enjoy the days of 2021 as life-giving rain; the moisture (your feelings) for new growth. Relationships will turn green again, and Cancer will see a blooming orchard; new wonderful buds from seemingly dead family branches.

Horoscope advises: choose and discard

2021 according to the horoscope will surprise Cancer with the amount of stimuli, impulses and information that will reach you. However, your brain is not a supercomputer that can hold everything that is going on on the Internet and maybe a few more indispensable recommendations from your mother-in-law or your parents. Every day, your horoscope encourages, Cancer should imagine large invisible scissors, with which you will mercilessly cut off at least half of all the information that is trying to squeeze into your head. Cancer, you want to keep a free mind and a free choice of information. You have the right to be demanding in this way.

In 2021, you get more when you bet on less

2021 will also be a kind of imaginary winning ticket in the lottery of life. You now feel being maybe like a juggler, who sometimes doesn't know what to do with his hands first, because all the tasks (balls) in the air are more than you can actually manage (family, school, work, offices, culture, friends, sports, gossips ...). However, the horoscope convincingly indicates that Cancer will simply let some of these balls fall to the ground. Yes, juggling harmoniously and calmly with three balls (three matters) is simply better than sweating nervously with all your hands trying to catch maybe a hundred things; that is multitasking, we are constantly jumping from one thing to another. Cancer’s horoscope predicts that you will actually be happier in the end and get more when you bet on less.


The horoscope says that Cancer will get the impression that love is something that needs to be done a little scientifically in 2021. And indeed, the literature dealing with relationships that has been published till now would fill up the whole university library. But our horoscope examining the year 2021 shows that all theories are good only until they burn like the paper on which they are usually written. There is simply no guaranteed manual for love. The horoscope therefore recommends to Cancer only one advice: try to understand and imagine love as a garden where something blooms every year and something else needs to be cut and burned.


According to the horoscope for 2021, Cancer will develop diplomatic and assertive skills to a new unprecedented level. Only a few people will drive you crazy. If your supervisor will shower you with criticism, feel free to inform him or her that it is probably not healthy for his / her blood vessels and heart. Cancer will make the best use of the cold blood advantage.



2021 Horoscope for Leo

New adolescence and maturity during 2021

The horoscope for 2021 shows that Leo will cross a turning point that will connect the two banks of your life with a new major bridge. Leo will fly without dizziness to the sky. It doesn't matter how old you really are. You may feel that your puberty is as distant as the Egyptian pyramids. But in a certain sense, we mature during our whole life. And it is the year 2021 that will become a key milestone in this process. The horoscope reveals that Leo seems to have boarded a plane that will take him or her to spiritual heights. In 2021, Leo will really see life from a new perspective, but also calmly land again.

The horoscope says that you will see the meaning of even the smallest detail

Leo realizes that life takes place mainly on a symbolic level. You will have to admit that it's not just the numbers, the graphs and all the prosperous golden eggs. Invisible meaning is important in your life more and more. The horoscope reminds you that whether you wear red or black clothes in the morning is not a coincidence or a mere inspiration from Vogue magazine. Leo wants to express his or her feelings and opinions indirectly, subliminally and symbolically in 2021. Of course, not only by clothes, but also by choosing what you read, how you smell, what jewelry helps to highlight your charm. Also very small details, e.g. pendant you wear on your keys, be important for you. Such an effort can cultivate your sensitivity and receptivity to unprecedented proportions and perfection.


According to the horoscope, the love of the Leo will be moving in the rhythm of the swing - here and there. Having mentioned the importance of symbolism above, let's use few things as symbols to better understand what aspects of love will flourish and prosper? The egg is, of course, a symbol of new life, fertility and growth. The horoscope thus anticipates the time when something new emerges from Leo's emotional life, it will persist and grow for a long time. The calculator means that Leo will not be just a lost romantic soul in 2021, but that even in love you will be able to very well estimate what will thrive and prosper. Finally, in the baseball metaphor, the horoscope reminds Leo that you can strike your destiny with an imaginary bat so precisely that the result will perhaps fly beyond the distant spectator stands; and Leo you do not need any spectator stands for your love, because it is private!


People born in this sign of Leo would be most happy if the words WORK and HOLIDAY could be easily confused. In fact, rather than words, their content. But don't worry, Leo, you will handle it. With daydreaming in your head and a song on your lips, your productivity may be halved, but in 2021 you will have at least something to remember. After all, we say that we work to live, and we do not live to work, as the horoscope aptly adds as conclusion.



2021 Horoscope for Virgo

Horoscope warns: pepper bite will come!

Virgo, although it does not seem like the stomach would be one of the most important organs you have in your body, 2021 will convince you! Of course, it's not just about food. "To digest something" can have even other meanings. Virgo, as the 2021 horoscope reveals, there will certainly be no shortage of stressful stimuli. Virgo, you should protect your stomach, because at the most inappropriate moment, an unexpected peppery bite may come; and by this we definitely do not mean a voluntary participation in the competition of eating chili peppers.

In 2021, success comes unexpectedly

In essence, Virgo's horoscope only calls for greater moderation and a life based on well-being, sufficient reserves, spiced with sleep and humor, rather than an effort to climb the top floor of career successes and any prestigious rankings. Be modest and humble, the horoscope urges. It is simple: in 2021, Virgo should focus on comfort. If success is to come, then there is certainly no need to try to get it by force. If unexpected bliss should crown your head, then it will come alone and knock politely on the door, the horoscope indicates.

Virgo, the essential is inside

The year 2021 will also resemble a very fertile soil for all people born in Virgo. Nothing really beautiful, but simply very pragmatic and profitable; that's what soil is. A spade, rolled up sleeves and a broom for sweeping cobwebs will be more useful to you than a new Louis Vuitton suitcase, a Vertu mobile phone, or a fragrance (genuine Armani perfume yet better) . You are a beautiful being by nature, even if you don't think so. The horoscope for Virgo encourages you to focus this year on the treasures that are hidden in you. Whether it's hard work, perseverance, patience, or education. According to the horoscope, the key to success and happiness in 2021 lies inside, not on the surface.


Love is like a web, remember that. It is an amazing network of emotions, not just a single, simple and monochromatic feeling. Whether you are male or female. It does not matter. You may soon get tired of the feeling of freedom. The horoscope foresees a desire of people born in the sign of Virgo to be caught and immobilized with love (like a fly caught by the spider). In 2021, Virgo in other words would like to be more a prey, not a hunter. However, the horoscope warns you, avoid all extremes. If you feel relatively happy now, then you should avoid trying to turn your love life upside down by 180 degrees. Virgo, most likely, such an adventure would not be the culmination point of your happiness in love.


If in 2021 someone can say that she or he feels like a real mummy, then Virgo is definitely the best candidate. The horoscope anticipates your desire for simplicity and transparency of the work process. Reality will do the exact opposite. All sorts of rather impossible tasks will stick to you and float around; and gradually, step by step, you will start to be covered with them like a mummy. But don't worry, the work will certainly not bury you for the next millennium in Tutankhamun's tomb. Virgo should remember only the strange saying: “100 times nothing killed the donkey”. Minuscule tasks combined together can make a big difference in your effectiveness.



2021 Horoscope for Libra

In 2021, peace and the feminine element dominate

The 2021 Libra horoscope reveals that this year will be dominated by night and silver lunar energy. Unlike the actively glowing Sun, the Moon is considered as a passive symbol of calm, stillness and femininity. For Libra, this practically means that their best chances and opportunities in 2021 will come from the ability to observe their surroundings well and perceive and collect the unique ideas that will be born there. You will recognize wonderful opportunities that will help people born in the sign of Libra in practical well-being, but also in spiritual development.

Libra will ride the right "wave"

Libra, you will definitely not succumb to inactivity. The passivity mentioned above means above all moderation, patience and the ability to perceive and comment events around you. According to the horoscope, you will be the perfect "surfer". Someone able to use rising water in the form of waves to absolute perfection. In the same way, the horoscope shows Libra how, in 2021, you will very skilfully recognize that the right "wave" is approaching, an opportunity or chance. Where to expect such a wave, you ask? Libra, your talent will be used especially in the field of design, home accessories, education, perhaps surprisingly also health and body care. And last but not least, you should bet on the so-called feminine element (tenderness, charm, care, cooperation, partnership ...)

The horoscope shows that life is like a pendulum

The Libra horoscope also reveals that the year 2021 will be characterized by certain fluctuations. Like the pendulum of an old clock, when it tilts to one side, the earth's force automatically grabs it with its invisible hands and hurls it to the other side. In the same way, according to the Libra horoscope, the empty spaces are gradually being filled. Where something has been missing in your life, it will suddenly be full of abundance. If your stomach rumbled by hunger last year, it is quite possible that in 2021 you will be well fed. If Libra has been bored at home, then in 2021 there will be an explosion of new experiences, maybe even travel. But the opposite is also true - Libra, if you are tired and literally burned out, you can look forward to a pleasantly lazy and relaxing year 2021.


Love will be like yoga for Libra. According to the horoscope, the emotional life of this sign will resemble hilly or even mountainous terrain. This mental "exercise" - ascents and descents - can give your inner harmony and good time. Love will therefore require Libra to concentrate and practice in self-control, self-discipline, and maximum self-knowledge. Love and emotional life Libra can bring great experiences in 2021, but only if you are properly equipped for demanding "mental tourism".


At work, Libra should avoid stress. It may sound like a cliché, but what's the point. If the message of the horoscope can be interpreted in any simple way, then definitely stress will be one of the biggest "troublemakers" who will stand in the way of Libra in 2021. And honestly, much better than actively fighting stress (I sweat it out in the gym in the evening ...) well, it's just easier to avoid stress completely, just try to step out of the way (I'd rather be a few dollars poorer, but calm and happy).



2021 Horoscope for Scorpio

The horoscope gives Scorpios a chance to cross their own shadow

Scorpio, horoscope for 2021 shows the bridge as the most important symbol. You have a great chance to cross the wild and dangerous river and get to the other bank without any harm. Your helper will be the blue color - a symbol of depth and calm. Sit back and meditate on your strengths and weaknesses. If you know how difficult it is to live with two divorces, or for example, if you can’t keep your mouth shut at the right moment, or if you often change jobs, then your horoscope says 2021 is a wonderful opportunity trying to overcome this chronic problem. It is a chance and the year 2021 provides ideal conditions for making the first step.

2021 will help many from pain

Scorpios also seem to have a unique chance to get rid of the pain that now accompanies them. Depends on you which one. Some are more troubled by the body, others by the soul. However, this pain may dissolve and melt like an ice cube, your horoscope predicts. However, the horoscope also admits that this is only the beginning of a gradual and lengthy process. Watching an accelerated video with ice cube melting, flower blooming and growing - it's all really amazing and breathtaking. But your pain will not disappear so magically, instantly and spectacularly. According to the Scorpio's horoscope, patience will be crucial. Also the ability to act organized and cooperate. Scorpios are often distinctive and solitary, but in 2021 you must be able to pull the rope with others.

Be patient

Do you know the word "sitzfleish"? It's from German and means you have to literally "sit on your bottom". Yes, in 2021 Scorpio will have to prove endurance staying in one place, or patience to work on one task for a very long time. Freedom is great, but Scorpio's horoscope warns that this year you may be just a step away from crossing the thin line between free-thinking to anarchy and disorder. Scorpio's horoscope also encourages you to pay more attention to courtesy. Common gratitude, or rather only its usual manifestations, can unexpectedly make your life and closest people more happy.


In 2021, Scorpio's love cannot be avoided by wandering in your phantasy from old memories to the amazing sci-fi romance of tomorrow. A difficult period awaits you. Scorpio may easily plunge headlong into a romantic dream. However, this challenging voyage can be quite exhausting and tiring. The horoscope therefore promises a truly "full-fat" 100% excitement. However, be prepared to raise the anchors. You may be torn by many surprising events and uncontrollable feelings ... and Scorpio you probably don't want to drown in love, or do you?


Beware of unnecessary expenses. The Scorpio horoscope suspects that money may fall from you like autumn leaves from a tree. Scorpio will want to unleash money and give them freedom. But money isn't a wild horse. They must obey and help you with the carriage. 2021 will be driven by a flame of change throughout the wider world. And at least half of your risky investment with the prospect of double appreciation can burn like paper. Thriftiness, not bold risk, will help Scorpio's career best.



2021 Horoscope for Sagittarius

2021 will bring peace to the Sagittarius

Sagittarius, if there is anything that should really bother you in 2021, it is above all your own peace and harmony. Don't be focused on the outer world as much as earlier and let this time fly the famous symbolic dove with a twig away (world peace). In 2021 concentrate on yourself. Above all, peace in your soul should be your primary concern. Sagittarius you may already feel the coming reconciliation; atonement with all the sins of your past. The 2021 horoscope shows that Sagittarius has eyes wide open and is willing to see his or her own sometimes explosive past errors. And that's good. It is necessary to admit everything and be able to forgive to yourself.

According to the horoscope, Sagittarius will succeed

If Sagittarius succeeds, then it is beyond doubt great for your self confidence. You will be proud to look in the mirror. Many Sagittarius people have been tormented by a certain emptiness or uncertainty about their own existence. The horoscope reveals that nature is the mother of all wisdom. The perceived futility of life and your efforts, which the Sagittarius have quite often and intensely felt in recent years, could disappear in 2021 like steam over a pot. According to the horoscope, Sagittarius figuratively becomes a flag fluttering high on the mast - yes, it may sound a bit pathetic, but indeed Sagittarius has considerable ambitions in 2021. The horoscope can only state that the long-term efforts of Sagittarius have a great potential to be fulfilled and completed in 2021. Other people can look at you with admiration that you have achieved your goals.

Even a turtle does not hide its head all the time

The horoscope reveals that the year 2021 will look like a hiding place from which Sagittarius has to stick its head out, like a turtle from a shell. Put away your fears, just like clothes in a dressing room when visiting a theater. It is necessary to go out and be open, admit your own self to others. Privacy is something that will belong to the past, at least for a while. Sagittarius must accept that life is a carousel, for which it is necessary to have a proper stomach, courage and patience. You can’t avoid a bit of nausea, when excitement is close. Both belong to life.


Love is not a sin, but honestly - the life of most Sagittarius people could probably not serve as a role model for the Vatican. We are all humans. Beauty and sexappeal will be of the highest value to most Sagittarius. Your reason maybe sees it differently ... but it won't help much.


Work? Many Sagittarius will hate modern lines, a clean desk, long white walls without any pictures or a hint of your individuality. The horoscope suggests that the year 2021 is here to show the world that your heart is in the right place; that you are a true personality, an original. That you have taste and can empathize with others. That you understand people and can anticipate their desires. You can simply succeed at work because you love it and you don't do it just for the money.



2021 Horoscope for Capricorn 

The horoscope encourages Capricorn to search for strength in the depths of her or his own inner self

Capricorn, it's time to pull the hand brake. You tend to resonate and sympathize with others to an unprecedented extent. The horoscope warns that this is a great feature if the mood around you is positive. But the year 2021 will be as stable as a small boat on a stormy river. So if you don't want to sink, you must reduce your monumental empathy a bit. Learn to be with yourself alone and look for impulses within yourself. Your beautiful appearance and nimble mind ... Capricorn it's all not a value and treasure for others, but mainly for yourself - if you love yourself, you can give love to others as well. 

2021 requires determination and quick judgement from Capricorn

The 2021 horoscope expects a much greater determination from Capricorn. Life is sometimes like a war. Often you do not have all the information on the battlefield and especially not the time to call the General Staff for instructions. Capricorn will have to act; even knowing that he will make a mistake here and there. However, according to the horoscope, it is a better way than apathy or anxiety. In 2021 Capricorn must be able to be a coach to yourself. Sadly, you will not find the solution to main problems on a silver plate served under your nose, nor can you select it from a catalog (such as a product in the eshop according to its popularity with customers and positive reviews). Whether you're dealing with a broken TV, annoying family members, a loose pipe in the washing machine, or a ton of junk e-mail - you definitely have to handle the initial impulses and the immediate response yourself.


Capricorn, you should prepare for a big smile! Such one from ear to ear. As they say: as if you want to put a croissant in your mouth all at once - yes, you will resemble the famous yellow smiley. The 2021 Horoscope for Capricorn warns you that love and emotional ties in general will be based primarily on communication. This includes phone calls, chirping, chatting … make it short, the year 2021 will be extremely talkative. It is said that love passes through the stomach, but in 2021 this saying should be changed in Capricorn’s case to: "Love passes through the mouth." Words will mean a lot to you, says the horoscope. Soothing, flattery, but also a simple message like "I love you" or "I like you" - all this will have an extraordinary effect on Capricorn.


At work, Capricorn should prepare for slimming. Cut off unnecessary things. Just as an old willow and other trees need to be rejuvenated, that is, they need to be trimmed; get rid of old branches, so that they can grow and seek light with new leaves. Capricorn, your career in 2021 will require an ax, saw, scissors and a lot of courage. The horoscope advises you to get rid of a burden that is unproductive or one that you do not enjoy and love. A complete change of job is, of course, the last possibility, but it is not out of the question to consider it if you are completely unsatisfied with your work.



2021 Horoscope for Aquarius 

The horoscope urges Aquarius to rhythm

Aquarius, the year 2021 will be especially ceremonial. In addition, you will receive answers to many questions that may bother your sensitive soul. The main thing is that you cannot do without a certain regularity and order. The horoscope says that it is not a stereotype. For many problems, one of the solutions is to maintain an even and healthy rhythm of life (enough sleep, weekend rest ...), which is certainly not a big surprise.

The spirituality of the world in 2021

However, to some Aquarius people, such a clear daily plan may cause ordinary boredom or goosebumps. According to the horoscope, Aquarius does not have to prepare anything like that. It is mainly about adding a spiritual dimension to your activities, apart from a certain order. This will silence the cries of some problems and especially Aquarius will feel a kind of special purity of the soul.

More than matter

Having touched on spirituality, it seems that in the case of Aquarius in 2021, this area in life will very slowly permeate everything you look at. Probably like soft decorative and translucent curtains that you know from the window and through which you can look out all year. From Facebook, over the purchase of a car or sneakers, to even home decorations - you will have to sense the “soul” of things (more than just matter) everywhere - from the color of a swimsuit to a paper for your business cards.

Faith is not a religion

The horoscope thus encourages Aquarius to revive gray everyday life in 2021 with just a drop of a miraculous elixir called the faith. Just believe that your life has meaning and that your work is useful. Your soul will then bloom like a rose. Aquarius, everything suggests that this year has a unique chance to achieve a special and very lasting mental satisfaction.


According to the horoscope, your love will literally be "folklore". It is above all a natural development. Every year, the soul and the body demand something a little different - 2021 will be focused on: human, earthly, simple, understandable - folk! Maybe the sensitivity of your erogenous zones will also change, maybe even your body, i.e. body proportions, will change in a visible way. However, in 2021, Aquarius should not be disturbed by these shifts or adjustments. Be assured that this is a change for the better, even if you have to gain three extra pounds. Those who truly love you want you just as you are, Aquarius.


The horoscope for 2021 anticipates a period when Aquarius can see everything upside down in their work and career. The horoscope shows that in 2021 your former classmates can have a significant influence. But beware of nepotism - this strange foreign word refers to favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. Aquarius, definitely do not abuse friendship in this way. Aquarius does not need any protection. You may not succeed with your innovative ideas immediately; You may have to go a long way and wait for the opportunity, but be sure not to prioritize acquaintance over your talent. Horoscope encourages Aquarius: if your skills predispose you to a better place to work and you feel undervalued, then do not hesitate and change your job. 



2021 Horoscope for Pisces

The horoscope underlines the importance of home

The fish is waiting for the "cozy" year 2021. The house has a roof and four walls. The horoscope predicts that in 2021, Pisces will certainly care a lot about how they live and what they call home. Buying, repairing, renovating or beautifying any real estate are all very convenient activities in which you will use your talent and where Pisces will excel and feel like in water.

Pisces and eccentricity

According to the horoscope,Pisces will also have a considerable tendency to eccentricities. What? Believe it or not, you may want to cut yourself blindly with scissors to look like a 21st century rebel, or more like a ruffled birdy. However, demonic and explosive colors or lets say fashion in general will suffice Pisces. And who knows, maybe the bright red phone pulled out of the shiny yellow handbag will save your life one day while crossing the street full of cars. Stepping out from the crowd pays off to Pisces, the horoscope says.

2021 will reward courage

Eccentricity may be also reflected in the behavior of Pisces. You will definitely not lack courage. You should therefore focus on challenges, projects; which you have thought about in the past, but you lacked determination to start them. Exceptionally, some Pisces could be extremely daring. The year 2021 is therefore a challenge to interesting deeds and businesses, rather than to boundless simplicity.


Pisces, await a colorful year 2021. From months of very peaceful and calm life, to passionate eruptions, when you will start to wonder if your hormones have temporarily blown your reason completely away. Or is this a new horizon of life that will stay with you forever? Either way, the horoscope emphasizes that you should keep in mind: whatever excites you, if it doesn't harm you or someone else, then you should consider your desire as fine! Pisces, having the desire to experiment is completely healthy and beneficial. Don’t be shy, the horoscope encourages you.


Pisces, according to the horoscope, the best way to prosperity is located in your head in 2021. The greatest potential is in the ability of Pisces to perfectly estimate exceptional situations and make money on them. The horoscope therefore offers many areas where the brilliant Pisces will shine in 2021 - do you want to know if there will be snow in the winter and therefore it makes sense to rent a ski slope for the whole season? Ask "Fish - Forecaster"! Want to find out who's behind the defamatory anonymous? "Fish - Detective" will solve it! Are you interested in what to do to increase sales by 20%? "Fish - analyst" will give you best advice!

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