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Gemini - 2018 Love Horoscope


2018 Love Prediction

Peace – Angel Card

Peace is something what is not entirely inherent to Gemini. But the love horoscope for 2018 predicts a very strong need to slow down or even to stop and to take a break mentally. Gemini, talk less and listen more. Think about what others say. The proverb speech is silver, silence is gold should be a central theme of the Gemini’s love. Your talkative nature is similar to the rain. A little moisture is definitely good for the harvest, and even a small verbal shower may only strengthen the relationship with Gemini’s counterpart. In 2018, however, the constant streams of sentences pouring from your sweet mouth may bring the unexpected emotional flooding” and acid (unripe) fruits at the end of the romantic season.

Horoscope predicts an easy "flash" of love

The love of Gemini may, according to the horoscope, remind a fireman’s fight with a forest fire. Your sensitive heart will ignite easily if someone decides to camp on its territory. The soul of Gemini is not a cold fortress equipped by high walls, defending it against all sorts of attacks. Your gentle and delicate soul is rather close to a vast countryside, which other people gradually pass through and which is transformed by their actions. In 2018, it will depend on the fortune only partially: who will appear in your way and which direction you will send him or her? Will it be the shortest path outward or the winding road into the mysterious forests of your deepest soul? The Gemini will decide!

Angel card - Gemini 2018 Love Horoscope

Gemini, stay on top of things in 2018

Gemini, the horoscope recommends: you should stay on top of things in 2018. Try even to avoid (or at least to ease) the disputes with the closest family or friends. The quarrel of lovers is renewal of love” says the proverb. If your children will tell you that your respectable bottom reminds a pudding or that your beard is no better than the old steel brush, they do not want to offend or hurt you, they probably just want to cheer you up. But back to our topic. The 2018 love horoscope highlights the Gemini’s ability to precisely hit the target. If you will select an object of love, surely you will hit the heart by the appropriate Cupid's arrow.

Love is like a fountain

One thing is also certain, you can count Gemini among the zodiac signs, who like to laze around in a warm home nest, waiting for the right wave to come and to sail with it to the island of your dreams. The horoscope indicates that it is a good strategy. Love is really something that has to come to you by itself. When you recognize the outlines of a fairy-tale prince or princess, do not let to be drifted up by them to the very edge of the realm of fantasy. You must hold the reins firmly in hand.

Gemini people who found the happy love before the 2018 have one more reason to be satisfied. Your emotional life will resemble a spring, which supplies the energy and the essential refreshment in bad days – when you begin to feel distressed by your fate or even by the evil demons.

Angel card - Gemini 2018 Love Horoscope
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