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Gemini - 2019 Career Horoscope


2019 Career Prediction

The horoscope heralds rise of rebellion and advance

Obedience and desire to move forward, these are two key elements that may determine the ideal potential of Gemini's work during 2019. The horoscope suggests that the unstable nature of Gemini will cause problems in areas where respect is needed. Firstly, it can cause you incredible problems to follow your boss´orders if you do not consider them 100% correct and useful. What is more, the year 2019 is soon likely to appear like a "too tight jacket" to Gemini. Calendar, a list of tasks or study duties, all of this can soon start to get on your nerves!

According to the horoscope, the anarchist and rebel will awaken in Gemini. Gemini will get the intention to overturn all professional habits. If you were a Renaissance painter, you can be sure that you would get a similarly "mischievous" idea like that of Jackson Pollock – he decided to randomly splash paint over canvas instead of making beautiful brush strokes (if you do not know who Jackson Pollock was, check out the movie with Ed Harris, or look for his work on Google); surely you will find some shared features and inspiration for your desires in 2019.

Work more scientifically than ever before

The 2019 horoscope recommends Gemini using a scientific approach in work. Progress can mean inventing a zipper instead of a button, a phone instead of a bush telegraph, or the light bulb instead of a torch; but in the case of Gemini, no revolutionary invention may be needed when achieving the scientific progress. In 2019 it may be simply enough for Gemini to focus not only on feelings (the main unconscious driver of your decision-making process) but also on what you can measure, improve and optimize.

2019 as a source of positive feedback

If you work in the Zoo and take care of giraffes, you have certainly never thought of counting how many spots these tall animals have on their body. Of course, we are joking, such information might not be very useful to you. But, if you work in services, you can now count how many times your customers or colleagues gave you a positive feedback and how many times have your superiors praised you. According to the 2019 horoscope, Gemini will probably find that, thanks to their excellent rating, they deserve to hold their head upright, just as giraffes do.

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