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Leo - 2019 Career Horoscope


2019 Career Prediction

Even a cute Leo will become a raging beast at work

The 2019 horoscope predicts a bombastic career to Leo! Leo often looks civilized and cute like a Chihuahua – but behind the mask of a harmless cat tamed in a human form, there is a real animal power that can bare its teeth and show its sharp claws. The work duties of 2019 may be just the thing that wakes you up. Leo is definitely a zodiac sign that needs a variety of challenges to properly pump blood in their veins.

2019 year of temptation

The 2019 horoscope indicates that it is very likely that Leo will encounter some "evil element" at work. You may be offered a bribe or a service in return for violating your responsibilities. Do not, however, be thrown off balance. Honesty is one of the greatest virtues of Leo. If temptation comes, let it come and go unnoticed, like a black cloud over a clear sky, and keep your face and strong character.

Horoscope recommends: Do not sit on two chairs

In case you get an interesting job offer, it's time to choose! The horoscope recommends to decide clearly for either the brand new job, or for keeping the original one. Leo, the stars are surely not in favour of  "playing it on both sides" and doing two activities at the same time, but only half-heartedly. You´d better do one job and do it properly.

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