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Libra - 2019 Career Horoscope


2019 Career Prediction

2019 attracts Libra to breathe fresh air

Walking or running are natural sources of endorphin, that means of very good feeling. Libra, regarding active elements in your horoscope, you should think about work that will take you out of the office (if you work in one, of course). But if you are a professional air traffic controller, it is probably hard to suddenly become a surveyor who does not lack oxygen or walking countless miles. However, if Libra feels discontent in 2019, the reason doesn´t have to be only insufficient salary. The source of your restlessness may be hidden in the question whether your work provides enough freedom and (spiritual or career) growth.

Horoscope encourages pride in meaningful work

Religion should stay away from work, but belief in meaningful work is the major contribution to a better feeling in life. Libra, no matter if you work as a neurosurgeon, a secret service agent, or you have the responsibility "only" for supplying buttons and zips to the most distant haberdashery store in your country, you should see that your work is beneficial. Judging from the 2019 horoscope, the question of meaningfulness of your work will get in the main focus of Libra. Even though the work of a garbage collector may look repulsive and far from glamorous at first glance, it is very important and useful in its essence. The Horoscope tells us that Libra will become more aware of such truth in 2019.

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