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Scorpio - 2019 Career Horoscope


2019 Career Prediction

2019 as an umbrella against adversity

Good job is like an umbrella in bad weather. It can provide protection and stability even in the case of adverse fate. Of course, it depends on your team of co-workers to a large extent. Scorpio, the career horoscope says that if something does not work well, you should try to fix it first. People born in Scorpio usually do not have much patience and often opt for rash solutions that are not the best in the long run.

Hot wax or revolt? Scorpio will survive everything!

No one throws dirty shoes away, but people usually at least try to brush them, or wash them, even if the manufacturer forbids that. Simply, why at least not try something if there is nothing to lose? According to the horoscope, Scorpio will be very inventive in 2019, at work and elsewhere, though sometimes he or she may violate rules. And when hot wax touches Scorpio's hand while carrying a candle from one room to another, it is unpleasant, but we agree it is not a fatal injury. According to the horoscope, in 2019 Scorpio will notice some problems at work, but it will be nothing crucial, nothing that you couldn't overcome even if it hurts mildly (like the hot wax). Scorpio has the power to do it!

Horoscope suggests what is worth trying

The 2019 career horoscope also offers some specific areas where Scorpio could flourish. Perhaps surprisingly it is the transportation that will give Scorpio previously lacking mobility and a chance to meet new inspiring people. The arms industry will give you the feeling that you are doing something for personal or national security. A job in charity will show how well, unlike others, Scorpio is doing. Worth mentioning is also this surprising fact: the horoscope tells us that unexpected opportunities await you in working with precious metals. Scorpio can therefore use their talent and develop the craftsmanship of jewellery design in 2019. The last "hot tip" of the career horoscope is fruit farming and orcharding that can underline the relevance of a healthy lifestyle and give proper space to Scorpio's talent.

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