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Aquarius - 2019 Love Horoscope


2019 Love Prediction

Love with your feet on the ground

Love of Aquarius in 2019 will be marked with a "plus" sign. According to the horoscope, Aquarius will definitely be among the most active zodiac signs regarding emotions. Surprisingly, however, Aquarius people will not "fly in the clouds", but they will pragmatically "stand on the ground with both feet ", even in such a tricky field as love surely is.

An emotional vacation will help heal old wounds in 2019

The horoscope also admits that Aquarius will be able to overcome old sorrows, above all, an unhappy love from the past. We recommend to go on an "emotional vacation" in 2019. Aquarius, you may have already noticed that when you concentrate on some activity with all your might, you often achieve the opposite – the more you are trying to reach the success, the more it (a solution to the problem) eludes again and again.

Horoscope recommends the Hermit's inspiration

Aquarius, the 2019 love horoscope recommends certain restraint and moderation. As the saying goes: "Whoever hunts more hares at the same time does not catch even a single one". Likewise, you should stop and think, perhaps meditate, look into your past to reconcile with it; finally, explore the horizon to make sure you are walking in the right direction. As a tarot card suitable for meditation, the horoscope recommends to use number 9 – The Hermit. That doesn't mean you should withdraw to solitude, but the Hermit is a good guide in observing and calming your deep self.

Cupid's Arrow

If you hear a fast and sharp sound, it's almost certainly the "Cupid's Arrow". The horoscope says that such an arrow can find the hidden path leading directly to your heart and hit it with amazing precision, although in 2019 there will be really only limited room and opportunity to reach your heart as it is protected by the "armour of caution". Aquarius people do not like to experience disappointment again, so they will be more shy and humble when looking for new love.

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