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Gemini - 2019 Love Horoscope


2019 Love Prediction

Horoscope encourages respect and tolerance

According to the 2019 horoscope, Gemini will realize that other people are not "remote control devices". Even if you often would like to be able to switch your loved one (significant other, spouse, lover ...) on / off, or tune the "right channel", only with pushing a simple button on the remote control, the horoscope shows that such a desire is basically completely foolish. If others became mere puppets of Gemini's whims, you would soon get tired of such relationships. Gemini, the year 2019 will bring the search of respect and learning of tolerance in love. You will, more than ever, realize that love involves contact with real living beings and not just a flawless connection with robots.

2019 will bring temporary alienation

Gemini, the 2019 love horoscope expresses the conviction that you will, at least temporarily, experience alienation. You may feel like a character inside a movie or a novel. However, as any other mysterious and unknown event, this one may also reveal something interesting – a new form of love will eventually emerge from the inappropriate feeling of Gemini. Gemini should therefore not be surprised if feelings are going their own way, which you may not like at first. The horoscope means that finally it will be good for love that lasts.

Love cannot be count on the calculator

The horoscope also tells Gemini that issues of love cannot be calculated. Apparently you would be comfortable with the precision provided by mathematics. Even the most complex equation has some clear and correct solution. But with love it is different. In 2019 Gemini should rather expect their love to be like a powerful hydrant. As soon as someone opens it, feelings start to gush out and to tame or direct them (as if by a true water jet) will be extremely difficult.

Gemini, thus the horoscope recommends to keep up the sporting spirit of love, that means not being afraid to train and practice; knowing that occasional injuries are simply an integral part of life.

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