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Leo - 2019 Love Horoscope


2019 Love Prediction

2019 – the Garden of Eden

Love in 2019 has all the prerequisites to become a true paradise. The landscape ahead is full of care, understanding and dedication. To put it simply, all the crucial essences of the relationship should be within reach. The horoscope also stimulates your eloquence and the talent to handle words in general; the Leo's ability to flatter and to comfort others will be at the long-term peak.

Golden words of love

According to this year's horoscope, you will be able to express your feelings (turned into words) better than ever before. This ability may help you, if you want to merge your life through love with someone else, or vice versa, if you want to end an embarrassing love affair. Leo, surely you know the saying: "Speaking is silver, silence is golden". However, this will certainly not apply to you in 2019.

Horoscope will give Leo wings

Similar to the RedBull's catchphrase, you can now say: "Love gives Leo wings". The 2019 horoscope unlocks the door to new amazing horizons. It's an extraordinary opportunity for all imaginative Leos, because this year they will be much less tied up with other people's demands. The horoscope, however, warns Leo to pay attention to one important thing: "true love is not for sale". A lot of beautiful things can be bought, but the true feeling of happiness must come naturally, without the jingle of golden coins.

Happiness is hidden in a loving touch

A touch of a close person will bring great happiness to Leo. As rational beings, you know that pleasure (endorphins) originates in the upper part of body where you usually wear a hat or a cap. But love may convince Leo that amazing feelings can be born simply by being touched by someone who loves you, or by getting a sincere kiss, or even when having an "ordinary" massage at the spa. In 2019, according to the horoscope, even the Leo-loner will know if he or she is in harmony with the fabric of the clothing, because it touches most of the bodily surface every day. In other words: The horoscope confirms that Leo will be very sensitive in 2019.

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