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Libra - 2019 Love Horoscope


2019 Love Prediction

Love like a flight of a butterfly

Libra, the 2019 love horoscope admits that love will be unpredictable, similarly to a butterfly flight. Thus, prepare for love, attractive at first glance, but volatile and ever-changing at the same time; and, in accordance with your element (air), often completely intangible one. But what can you do with such a prophecy? The inspiration for Libra may be surprisingly the ordinary drying of laundry "in the wild", on fresh air, not in an automated tumble dryer, as is common today.

Libra in an emotional windstorm of 2019

The horoscope reminds you that if a T-shirt or pants are not firmly attached to the washing line with clothes pegs, the wind may easily blow the laundry away and everything gets dirty. If Libra "loses balance" in their love relationship, they should remember that they simply need to stick to one particular "line". In other words, the horoscope recommends that in 2019 Libra rely on a strong emotional relationship, a certainty; someone who will hold them firmly in an emotional storm. Such an "anchor" may be provided by their partner first of all, but also by a chosen family member, a colleague, a close hobbyist, or a friend with whom they share charity activities.

Horoscope advises not to talk too much

Love is something important for Libra and it certainly deserves a lot of attention. However, five-star rating, as you know it from Google Shopping, Amazon or Michelin restaurants, is not possible. The horoscope reminds us that love is too fragile and "light" for such materialistic evaluation, light like feathers. One might just take a breath, and before they put the right sentence together, love gets blown away into all directions like dandelion fluff. Libra, in 2019 keep your mouth shut and let the heart do the talking!

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