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Aquarius - 2020 Horoscope


2020 prediction

2020 restart of Aquarius

2020 is a great occasion for Aquarius to do a re-start. Your computer or mobile phone has simply a restart button, or a “factory reset”. And the horoscope just attributed a year with two deuces and two zeros to Aquarius to make a personal reboot, to draw a thick line under all wrong decisions. But enough of the technical details. Aquarius will be successful at work. But you may also enjoy and develop your talent for playing musical instruments. The horoscope suggests that 2020 is also crucial for life-changing encounters.

Horoscope foretells a lot of pleasure

In 2020, Aquarius is going to be very pleased. But it cannot be said that every joy and each entertainment is without risk. Credit card purchases will appear on your bank statement sooner or later. According to the horoscope, the Aquarians' sexual appetite will be as strong as the sea wind, and like a compass needle, the attraction will direct your attention in one way. This is, of course, perfectly fine if the loved object, the final destination, lies so to speak on the planned route of your life (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend). But the horoscope adds: Sometimes you go crazy and sail upstream or against the wind. And what then?

Angels watch over Aquarius, but they are not omnipotent

Aquarians are protected by guard angels. However, if you choose a route that was not planned, you have to understand that you may fall in love and thus take a long detour in stormy waters. Even the "heavenly patrol" (angels) may not help you to survive on completely foreign places that were even not marked on your life map (accidental acquaintance, unexpected meeting). Aquarius, the horoscope estimates that in the case of reckless infidelity a lot of spicy experiences awaits you – January as a "basket of chilli pepper", February as a "garlic wreath", March could be a "buck of wasabi paste"… and we are only in the first three months of 2020!


Aquarius, the horoscope predicts that by 2020 you will need a rake for love. Your heart is like a bushy tree. But you have to reckon with the fact that many leaves (feelings) fall and will need cleaning (compost or a pile for burning). According to the horoscope, in the middle of the year, you can recognise temptation, which is embodied in the Bible by a parable of a snake and an apple. It is the summer months that will offer Aquarius an unexpected romance that can bring the necessary change to the singles, but also disturbing cracks to long-term relationships. The end of 2020, however, already has the potential to become a beautiful and peaceful flower garden for all people born in Aquarius. Love in the final months of 2020 will bring harmony, modesty and simple elegance in which you will surely not get lost.


The year 2020 will literally "be pregnant with opportunities" for Aquarius. No, don't worry, we're not at the love section yet, as pregnancy might suggest. It really is about your career. You have great prospects ahead. The horoscope says that Aquarius will have to fill the gaps in obedience first. Last year was great in developing stubbornness and promoting individuality. Especially in the second half of 2020, Aquarius should seek reins and learn to tame and control desires for self-assertion, rashness and boldness at work. The end of the year will be very successful at work, like the icing on the cake. Maybe you will experience an unusual outdoor training or team building in wild nature. The horoscope also strongly recommends improving your education. Aquarius will have a great chance to obtain a long-desired certificate (language, professional, professional ...).

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