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Cancer - 2020 Horoscope


2020 prediction

2020 needs more than courtesy

When someone sneezes, it is polite to say "cheers". However, 2020 will require more active efforts from Cancer than mere courtesy. When the year 2020 starts to show its real strength, it will be appropriate to focus on the "firm grip on the steering wheel". Cancer, of course, it is only a metaphor of the horoscope, but we believe that you are a witty and experienced driver – in the car as well as in your life. However, as far as new decisions of 2020 are concerned, the situation may be different. And here the horoscope offers some clues.

Cancer – keep calm and carry on

In 2020, you should be able to keep calm even in difficult situations. Be sure not to panic. The "lost nerves" can do the most harm to Cancer. It seems that most of the year will be peaceful, but even two, three or four more difficult episodes of panic or stress that you don't manage properly, and such moment may turn your life upside down. Cancer should therefore save energy, money but also silly jokes. The moment of surprise is easier to manage for those who have additional savings (energy, vigour, money, ...).

Horoscope shows three pillars of happiness

Popcorn needs corn and a lot of heat for its existence. Furniture cannot be created without wood and dexterous hands. And, according to the horoscope, the great year 2020 cannot evolve well for Cancer without three pillars – a determination to sprint if necessary, the ability to listen, and finally the will to be guided by intuition. This three-pillar horoscope expresses important qualities that will help you gain better control of happiness. The horoscope explains these recommendations as follows: a determination to sprint means that relaxation is appreciated, but laziness does not pay off to Cancer. The ability to listen reminds you that only the one who has a closed mouth can absorb new information. Cancer, finally the willingness to be guided by intuition is a reminder of the humility and ability to understand own feelings when the time comes.

Cancer – a role model

The horoscope for 2020 highlights the importance of behaving well in public or in the circle of your friends. The weather vane clearly shows where the wind is blowing – it can accurately indicate a new direction. Even people born in Cancer will become perfect “opinion leaders” that are able to foresee new trends. Cancer becomes the one who can make aesthetic diagnosis as a "surgeon of fashion". The taste of men and women born in Cancer will be similar to a fertile plantation where sugarcane grows at least as well as great ideas. In 2020, Cancer has a chance to act as an exceptional alchemist of materials and colours, of all shades and shapes. The fashion police will not catch you.


Cancer, in 2020 love can resemble a hot teapot or a mug full of strong coffee. Something warm, strengthening, aromatic, what can do both – tease your tongue and boil up the blood in veins. Horoscope promises that in love you will literally break many records. Of course, a romance is not a classic Olympic discipline, so there is actually nothing to compete in. The horoscope suggests, however, that Cancer's ability to handle emotions will be superb. Cancer, without any exaggeration, you can spin your love on the index finger of your right hand as if it were a basketball Spalding ball and as if you were a true circus juggler or a Harlem Globetrotters player. You will skilfully play the emotional strings of your loved ones, as if they were perfectly tuned stradivari violin and you a newly born Paganini. In short we can summarize the love horoscope this way: Cancer, love in 2020 is just an easy task for your extraordinary talent.


Cancer, you will be a perfect "jellyfish" at work. A jellyfish is an amazing, changeable, yet somewhat dangerous animal. Anyone who comes too close to it may be hit by a paralyzing touch. The horoscope assumes that during 2020 your superiors will come up with the idea to give you so much work and responsibility as if you were the main driving force of the whole universe. But beware, Cancer is not a gelding or a load bearer that drags all the tourists baggage in the Himalayas. Do not let the blush enter your face. Don't forget the jellyfish. This animal certainly does not know what it is to blush. Reject all tasks that are doubtful or completely against your belief, against the interests of your customers or beyond the scope of the employment contract. The horoscope emphasizes that in 2020 Cancer may solve many difficult situations and make important career step forward, but only if he or she can stay honest and faithful to his / her profound beliefs.

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