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Gemini - 2020 Horoscope


2020 prediction

2020 in new colours

Dear Gemini, the 2020 horoscope highlights the feeling of belonging to others (friendship, love ...) as a key value. Perhaps it sounds too ordinary, but the main task for 2020 will be to find and follow a new path of life. Gemini realizes with some regrets that he / she has most recently walked in a circle. Similarly, that he / she wears very dark sunglass (melancholy, grief); and forgot to take the glasses off long ago. Gemini, maybe you knew once how the sun shines, but with your glasses always on, every evening may seemed even more darker and gray. In other words, Gemini's horoscope urges you to go beyond your comfort zone and bring new colours to your life again.

The horoscope encourages criticism and forgiveness

2020 will be a new morning for Gemini. You will wake up to a new morning that emerges slowly in front of you – and it is up to you how to use it (today and the whole year as well). Gemini, however, you should be willing to do two things that are necessary, according to the horoscope. First of all, do not spare yourself and be self-critical. Admit what you have failed to do properly and justly in recent years. "Dirty laundry" just needs to be put in the washing machine. Now the second, more important thing. Once you are done with criticism, you have to be able to forgive all the mistakes and failures. Everything that failed and where your judgement was wrong. Forgive yourself and others and enter 2020 with a clear mind. The horoscope predicts that a sea of exciting ideas and feelings awaits you. The task for Gemini is to learn to swim and enjoy them, not to drown.

Gemini as an experimenter

Gemini, according to the horoscope for 2020, the ideal period for experiments is also coming. Success will come in a "winged" form. Surely you know a flying horse of Greek mythology, Pegasus. Even the winged god of war Mars could be a Gemini's model. Imagination, courage and the desire to learn and try new things will be crucial for Gemini. The horoscope says: If you have a piggy bank standing on the shelf, don't wait any longer and buy a ticket and go travel – it will help you to recharge your batteries, acquire new energy and inspiration, just like the spring grass needs a heavy rain.


Gemini, love will taste like a pear in 2020. It is typical for pears to scrub very slightly on tongue. But if you let them ripen, they will be sweet as sugar. Gemini's love horoscope encourages to cultivate your patience. Give time to love and it will be sweeter and sweeter. Gemini shouldn't forget one important thing: love is a long-term pleasant feeling, not an immediate outburst. It is not a question of whether your love is approved by a "family committee", by any older "supervisor", or by a "parliament of friends". On the other hand, love is also an endless marathon of feelings and thoughts that needs to be balanced. So you can't do in love without a great deal of diplomacy and talent to reconcile conflicting demands, as the horoscope reminds you again.


Unfortunately, work brings not only certainty (long-term contract) but also a large portion of doubt. The 2020 career horoscope warns that weather can be a great inspiration for Gemini. It is famous for its variability and unpredictability. Words like surprise, refusal, or the desire to disappear will not be missing in your vocabulary. But please, don't panic. The horoscope's intention is to provide Gemini with a guide, to be well prepared for a colourful year – that can be enjoyed, even if some days are rainy or stormy. Well, Gemini is naturally equipped with special talent to be able to benefit even from a cold weather – you were born with an "umbrella" just like a fish has fins and a duck webbed feet. The work will sometimes be difficult, but as the horoscope says, Gemini will fulfil all tasks with a smile and maybe get a genuine award.

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