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Leo - 2020 Horoscope


2020 prediction

In 2020, just indicating may be enough

Leo, the year 2020 will bring enlightenment (deep understanding, spiritual knowledge…), new opportunities and new favourable agreements. To bare your teeth should be a matter of course for Leo. According to the horoscope, the technique of hinting (demonstration of your true hidden power) will be of great help to you – but without having to actually use it. The year 2020 is ideal for Leo, for example, to be portrayed with a red Ferrari, with a Magnum revolver, or at a concert by the Vienna Philharmonic. Instagram or Facebook may be very useful tools, because the power of photographs is immense.

The horoscope anticipates the growing influence

The horoscope also predicts that Leo's various abilities are facing a sudden surge or literally a spark that ignites the fire. Your influence will gain the strength. In 2020 Leo will be very hardworking, but that fact may affect more than your career. The inner pulsating energy of Leo will resemble a strong bell that is heard miles away at Sunday Mass. Leo becomes the mover, the inspirer, and the one who encourages others to act; not the one who forbids and spoils the fun. Thus, Leo will also be susceptible to seduction or even hedonism. Be careful, warns the horoscope. The desire to squeeze the best out of all opportunities and, at the same time, enjoy the life – both tendencies will capture Leo absolutely. But are they compatible?

Empathic Leo

2020 will turn into a special "garden" for Leo, that needs intensive and lasting care. The horoscope reveals that the reward for such efforts will be Leo's magnificent feeling. However, you will have to learn to talk to nature (the natural but unknown feelings and desires of others, empathy, development of intuition etc). Yes, "Leo is the king", a powerful animal, but that doesn't mean he or she has enough inborn empathy and understanding. Put aside your disinterested, annoyed or rough mask, and show your feelings, playfulness. In exchange for that the overwhelming positive energy will return to you as an echo.

Lion hero

Finally, if there is a princess or prince under a spell, looking like a frog, you do not even have to guess who would be able to find her / him and give the magical kiss. After all, Leo!


Dear Leo, the horoscope says that in 2020 you will be drinking full buckets of love. Love may also take shape of a solid house (shelter and life support). And further more; love may provide Leo with an invisible "magnetizing" glow. According to horoscope, Leo will be able to control love. Indeed, in 2020 it seems that Leo's love may be healing, like a genuine cure or a visit in spa. Love may also greatly improve your estimate and ability to understand other people's feelings. Hopefully it does not sound too optimistic, like a sweet honey or Turkish delight, but it seems that the love of Leo will finally look like one big smile throughout 2020.


The ability to observe is half the success, even at work. Also, sitting and planning is sometimes more important than jumping headlong into the sea of tasks. The horoscope thus urges Leo to pay more attention to the allocation of power and resources in 2020, because he / she might one day find out how much energy and money has gone to nothing; but at that point it would be unfortunately too late. Leo's work has the potential to work like a well oiled machine. Probably, Leo will not manage the tendency of getting angry well (being angry like a storm, a tornado or even like a typhoon), but you could waste a lot of valuable energy and mental resources this way. The horoscope says you have to learn spare your great potential and use it only in the right place and at the right time.

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