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Libra - 2020 Horoscope


2020 prediction

Tradition in 2020

Libra, 2020 will be typical with your “thirst” for searching new horizons. You should be prepared for sudden twists that are not yet written even in the possible scenarios of your powerful imagination. Libra may be inspired by a simple household appliance, which is a clothes peg. Even in the wind, thanks to a simple mechanism, the linen stays clean and in the right place. However, the horoscope admits that it is not easy to understand this principle at the time of dryers and washing machines. So, what does the horoscope actually say? The Libra horoscope encourages you to follow traditional practices in 2020. Conservative approach to life (firm grip on the line of habit) will bring you feeling of greater safety and peace. Libra, you don't have to be a prophet of modernity “up to date” at all costs and trying take advantage of every novelty that emerges.

Horoscope emphasizes freedom

Metaphorically speaking the year 2020 is a kind of a large spoon, with which you can take full bites. However, what about the menu? Horoscope reveals that it is primarily up to you. Libra will act as chef. Whether you want to swallow hemlock, semolina porridge or a strong soup … all that is the free choice of Libra. According to the horoscope, the year 2020 will be a varied buffet, where almost everyone can find what he / she is looking for. Libra quite often suffer from the impression that you are only a poor piece on the chessboard, where the game is decided by a mighty counter-player. But 2020 offers a change in this attitude. Try to approach life more actively and see how much you can influence reality yourself. Libra, You are not just a passenger in your life, you are a driver with a steering wheel and pedals in front of you!

Summer may be the best season for Libra

The best potential of the whole 2020 is waiting for Libra during the summer months. At the beginning, and at the end of the year, you should be more cautious about possible slipping into the deficit. Whether in areas of personal energy and sleep, or finance, debt and buying on credit. The horoscope says that the summer months will figuratively represent a very nutritious whole milk, while the beginning and end of the year will be rather plain water, which will refresh you enough but will not add new energy. Thus if you are planning a demanding business, wedding or a long trip, now you know when the stars will offer a favourable constellation to Libra.


In 2020 for people born under Libra love will be full of important key moments. According to the horoscope, Libra will definitely favour society and company over itself and being alone. Did you felt shyness last year, forget it this year. It also seems that some period of your love life is coming to an end. Soon, however, unification will emerge unexpectedly. This may be a breakup and reconciliation. Or just a turbulent episode in a lasting relationship. Constructive, unifying and creative tendencies will definitely dominate during the 2020 in comparison to harmful and destructive forces, says the love horoscope to Libra.


Libra, in 2020 you can achieve surprisingly much at work. You will certainly not lack energy, nor appetite and vigour. You will appreciate the opportunity to work in a pleasant team rather than alone. Libra may enjoy rhythmic music in the background. But not every effort will bear fruit. Everything does not work immediately and not every first attempt will be successful, the horoscope says. Patience will therefore be needed more than ever before at work. Disregarding the truth, or even lying, this will be completely against Libra’s belief. If you are forced to sell products or services that you have doubts about, you should rather change you job. According to the horoscope, working without internal harmony increases the risk that your work results will be completely poor.

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