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Pisces - 2020 Horoscope


2020 prediction

Charming Fish

Pisces, 2020 will be a celebration of femininity and grace. But don't be afraid, Pisces-men will not be excluded. More gentle qualities such as compassion, understanding or a sense of beauty (aesthetics) will help males to succeed. Pisces may therefore appreciate jewels, man and woman, both as well. Would you enjoy a massive sealing ring to underline your masculinity? Or rather welcome a diamond or ruby to emphasize feminine features? Do not worry, Pisces will find the most elegant way to enchant others – the key to unlock other's hearts is grace, charm and elegance.

A pinch of lounging doesn't hurt, says the horoscope

The horoscope announces that staying in bed few minutes "overtime" becomes a beloved hobby of Pisces. If there is any sign of the zodiac that doesn't intend to fall over oneself to do something in 2020, then it is definitely Pisces. You will rather look like a cute teddy bear that can give good mood, soothe and smile friendly, but surely you will not be at the forefront of the hard workers peloton. In 2020 Pisces has no ambition to cut through dense forest with the machete, plough through the ocean waves or climb the highest mountain in the world. But if someone else offers and arranges such an adventure for you, it will be 100% different. The horoscope says that you might be tempted to say YES in such case.

2020 supports the ability to plan

Pisces will also thrive in the field of management (planning talent). As the horoscope predicts, if there is someone capable of prepare a flight to Mars, a world tour, or at least the complete equipment of a new household, it is undoubtedly you, Pisces. 2020 is an opportunity for Pisces to stand firmly on the ground while fulfilling many realistic wishes. Pisces, you have an exceptional analytical talent, and the horoscope advises you to get the most out of the opportunities you will see. Jealous people will tell you are calculating and self-seeking, but do not mind. Show your tolerance. The eagle does not catch flies.


Love in 2020 will be a pretty hot coil to Pisces. And as you know for the coil to get hot, a strong electric current must pass through it. Thus the horoscope figuratively says that emotions in your bloodstream will definitely be abundant. In 2020 you should therefore clearly mark the boundaries where you no longer want love to interfere with your life. Even a coil can burn if too much power (too high current) passes through it. So horoscope encourages Pisces to set new rules: “… darling, I'm not going to change this habit anyway… or… I'm sorry, but there's only place for one lover in my heart… or… I beg you for only a few hours of your time, perhaps I don't want that much, do I? ”


Pisces, work in 2020 will warm you up and energize your internal energy. The horoscope admits that there will be obstacles, but you will skip / avoid them in advance. Even if these were obstacles higher than yourself. You would simply take a stick in your hand and become a master in high jump. Thus, according to the horoscope, the career of Pisces will greatly help to stir the flames of happiness and discover the meaning of life. Although this is not a desired goal, Pisces will do well in 2020 in office – in administrative "paperwork" and of all kinds.

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