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Scorpio - 2020 Horoscope


2020 prediction

A desired change awaits Scorpio

Some cracks appear in the 2020 horoscope. But definitely in a positive sense. Do you know what it looks like when grass or green flowers start to grow in cracked concrete on a street or on a courtyard? That's exactly the moment Scorpio should be tempted to look for. You frankly don't want your life to resemble a cool gray monolith? Or do you? During 2020, Scorpio will realize that certain life changes are inevitable. The horoscope reveals that your property will be more likely to be gained, and you may not suffer from any noticeable material lost. Scorpio's entrepreneurship as well as sporting talent and mental abilities, especially memory, seem to be on the rise.

2020 as a Swiss watch

Scorpio's life will work as a coil in 2020. If you let flow only a little of electric current into the coil, it may work as a bell, a speaker, or create motion as an electric engine. Thus, the horoscope shows, Scorpio will obtain great ability and talent, as brilliant and as accurate as is the technology of mechanical Swiss clockwork (or Japanese Quartz). All 12 months of 2020 will be like 12 sweet desserts that will introduce you to new unknown experiences of taste. But, of course, this is just a gourmet metaphor. The horoscope suggests that Scorpio may broaden his / her horizons in technology, beauty and aesthetics.

Horoscope advises, do not forget to relax

Rest and recreation will be crucial for Scorpio in 2020. Scorpio tends to try hard and often forgets the main thing: herself or himself; to rest properly and regenerate body and mind. According to the horoscope, this need to "turn off” your mind and body may come naturally and gradually. Ideal for Scorpio will be fresh air, countryside, mountains, forests. You will need enough time for peaceful meditation. And thanks to it Scorpio may also gain a completely new sensitivity for beauty and harmony. You may soon start perceive amazing patterns and creations of nature, the sophistication of works of art, classical music, jazz but also the beauty that is hidden in the human soul and its qualities; features such as sincerity, honesty and reliability.


Scorpio's love horoscope draws 2020 in shapes of a wonderful game. But beware, love will not be a predictable and logical game like chess. One that could be easily calculated 1000 steps forward. At first, thanks to love, Scorpio can feel like locked in a prison. Afterwards, however, a beautiful and fragrant bath in warm emotions awaits you. But then again you can sneak through the streets as a secret agent trying to find the desired address. Well, according to the horoscope, emotional life of Scorpio will be simply a detective story. If you were thinking of enjoying a casual emotional peace during 2020 (basking like a lazy cat in the rays of the sun) forget it quickly. The horoscope says Scorpio will surf the waves of hot lava flowing from his or her heart.


Scorpio will be able to resist the insane "rally" that your superiors, or greedy and permanently dissatisfied customers, want to organize for you. The horoscope anticipates a period when your own ideas (let's say directly the “author's signature”) may be used more and more in the work. Scorpio, even if you have a profession that at first glance does not offer even a hint of creative essence, you will probably still see an increase in your originality and innovation. For example, let's say an ordinary Scorpio warehouse-keeper can come up with a new solution that can make work more efficient, save time, money and energy, or be more enjoyable for all who use it. The horoscope also points out that in 2020 Scorpio will be very focused on his or her appearance. Scorpio will enjoy being the centre of attention; colleagues, customers, superiors – all of them may admire you. Be prepared for it.

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