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Virgo - 2020 Horoscope


2020 prediction

2020 as an individual challenge

Virgo, 2020 will be a somewhat tough bite for you. Especially if you are a vegetarian. The plain idea of chewing a stiff steak will not please you (maybe you think it's a real nightmare). But don't be scared. The horoscope doesn't say that Virgo should eat beef every day. It's only a metaphor for the whole year. 2020 will be a peculiar challenge for you. And Virgo likes such challenge very much, even if you may not want to admit it openly. The horoscope knows that people born under Virgo do not want a crutch to lean on. On the contrary, the genuine Virgo, despite his / her subtle appearance, is fierce, immune and independent at the core. She would rather experiment and seek the way on his / her own, than ask others where to go next.

Humour as the engine for Virgo

It also appears, according to the horoscope, that the truly juicy fruit for Virgo may be 100% humour. Fun and laughter will provide Virgo with energy that is contagious; let’s say like a positive virus. Laughter often travels through the air even without words. Virgo, let all the resentment and irritation go away, like melting snow or evaporating dew. Forgive the people who have harmed you. Virgo, if your soul resembles a lonely island full of rocks, than in 2020, the horoscope advises, turn it into a welcoming port, where every boat can come and anchor. It does not matter whether others have different opinions or problematic past. According to the horoscope, conciliation, tolerance and mutual understanding will be key components of success and satisfaction. Virgo, one last thing: people born in your sign may easily mystify others, because you are also tenacious, reserved and stubborn; not just a fragile being of ethereal nature, what your zodiac sign often indicates.

Horoscope full of light

The horoscope reveals that 2020 will be accompanied by light. In many forms. Virgo, you will definitely experience more amazing adventures in the bright sun light, than in the darkness of a night. Being sincere, night is more suitable for sleeping. Light is also a symbol of understanding and enlightenment. In 2020 people born in Virgo will gain insight into new contexts. Probably, you will not discover any new particles in the realm of particle physics with all its mysterious “quarks, hadrons, and leptons”. But the horoscope suggests that Virgo may suddenly understand why it is so hard to get along with your mother-in-law, why your pet is sometimes angry with you, or why you were not accepted at the last meeting at work. Thus, Virgo, you should also be prepared for moments of possible change, running across new unexpected crossroads … better holding the steering wheel firmly, because a well-lit path of life can show clear obstacles from a distance, but reality is not always that predictable, the horoscope warns.


In 2020, love will be amusing, delightful and playful, but also really time-consuming and sometimes very varied issue for people born under Virgo. Your eyes will not have a break, because of all the tempting objects that do not miss sexappeal. You should also carry a handkerchief with you; in case you will get sweaty thanks to all that excitement or when you finally spot the man or woman of your dreams. The horoscope therefore anticipates  time when Virgo will be tempted and exposed to many baits, provocations and luring niches, earlier unseen. The year 2020 promises an exciting experience to Virgo, but also a great test of your persistence and devotion. Virgo, according to horoscope, you will have to choose whether the strong flames of love, the sudden blaze, or the warmth of a long-term relationship is more attractive to you.


According to the 2020 horoscope, work will become a truly intricate knot, a cobweb, for people born under Virgo. You may start to feel the pressure, because gossip or chatter of your colleagues will focus on you. People may be simply envious of the success that Virgo will achieve. It will matter how you can cope with the insincerity of all those who are not in favour of your luck and talent. As the Horoscope highlights, Virgo's instructions, ideas, and constructive criticisms, all of this may have a great impact throughout the whole 2020. Therefore, try to use this potential, not to waste it.

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