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July 23 - August 22
Planet: The Sun
Element: Fire

Leo – Characteristics and Personality Traits

What are Leos like?

  1. Leo is a bright and proud ruler. Leos are smart enough not to waste energy on useless projects. When they know they can easily sweep the floor with a broom, they will not take a toothbrush for this work.
  2. Leos nature is to advise and manage others. They have a natural authority and they often do not even hide their own sense of superiority.
  3. All true Leos like to hear how good they are. If you want to please them or win their favour, flatter them!
  4. Leos like quality and they are willing to spend a lot of money on genuine luxury.
  5. Leos usually love sports because they are naturally competitive and they like to show how successful they are.
  6. They can sometimes be tactless and painfully honest. Leos do not want to hurt anyone intentionally, but they are straightforward and do not like intrigues.
  7. Leo is the one whom others rely on. If you try to offer them help, it will definitely berejected.
  8. Male Leo is generally not a scrooge. He will take you to an excelent restaurant and bring a whole bouquet of flowers rather than a single rose.
  9. Female Leo is definitely not a silent housewife that would be sitting at your feet in the evening and eagerly listen to every word of yours. She is an intelligent, capable and strong woman.
  10. Leos are not bitter. On the contrary, they are generous and know how to forgive.


Proud ruler

Leo is a bright and proud ruler. You can find him or her basking in the sun, or running towards some important goal. And this is mostly some kind of essential job. Leo is usually smart enough not to waste the energy and effort. The people born under the sign of Leo know what efficiency means – if you can easily sweep the floor with proper broom, be sure they will not advise you a toothbrush for such a job. But the floor is of course a matter about which Leo will probably not have to worry (maybe only as the owner of a large cleaning company). Other more important goals are essential in the life of this proud and confident being (Leo as the "Lion King"). He or she will really like to tell anyone how to deal quickly and efficiently with a dirty floor. Because Leo's nature is to give advice and manage others. Their characteristic quality is to be dynamic, ambitious and vital.

Elegant and confident

They tend to be outstanding organizers who understand the priorities and are able to administer any kind of complex work. When Leo grasps the opportunity, it must be worth it. You can hardly find Leo, who is assembling a jigsaw puzzle instead of doing any serious and meaningful work. He or she would either prefer to relax or to visit other people. By such occasion can Leo impress you with charm, confidence and straightforwardness. Those, who would look clumsily, convulsively and embarrassingly, will represent an absolute exception. His or her movements and style of speech are usually prudent and elegant. And if you want to make Leos happy or win their favor, flatter them! Each genuine Leo likes to hear how good he / she is. It is simply their characteristic feature.

Need for love

Leo needs the love for life. Although he or she can look proud, besides a large dose of self-confidence, actually the love is supporting his / her satisfaction. They must love someone or something, otherwise their life would be only a barren desert. The passion gives energy and motivation to Leo, because the life without love would be like a day without the sunshine.

Luxury loving and noble

Leos like the hi-tech and quality stuff, and not only that, they are willing to spend a fortune for true luxury. We have to admit that the idea of Leo, who rides an old Peel P50 car, is just funny. A luxury limousine suits him / her more. Whether young or old, certainly Leo has strong head and it will not be easy to change his or her mind. Leos are simply not very malleable. Their pride is preventing an easy or rapid change, what is very characteristic. If they already have to accept a mistake and publicly admit it, it is sure that they will not have beads of sweat on the forehead and that they will not flee with a frightened face. Rather they will sullenly wave a paw and mutter something about that “to err is human, after all” or who makes no mistakes, makes nothing” and will calmly walk away.

Naturally competitive

Leo likes sports, because usually he or she is naturally competitive and love to report own achievements to others. Leo either excels in the midst of any group, or can also stand discreetly aside, of course with the unconcealed dignity. But that just in case, he or she suspects that their reputation might be pointlessly ruined. Maybe you know the saying: “No matter what you do, but how you look during it”. We do not want to say, that a typical Leo is characteristically a peacock and that his or her only interest is solely “THE OUTSTANDING IMPRESSION”, but Leos just like when everything has a certain style and standard.


Leo as a parasite? This is outrageous! Leos have a natural (inborn) authority, and often also do not hide their own sense of superiority. Rarely you will find a Leo, who relies only on others and even had based the existence on such extreme dependency. On the contrary, Leo is the one on whom others rely. Try to offer the help to him or her, certainly they will reject it. Sovereignty, warm-heartedness and the sense of fair play are among the characteristics of Leo.


Usually Leo do not act impulsively, but of course he or she can get into a temper, especially if you do not listen to them or if it is also visible on bad results. It is then better to lose out of his / her sight. On the other hand, Leos are not bitter. They are generous and know how to forgive. If you had caused any harm to Leo and you will honestly apologize, it is almost certain that Leo will forget your unfortunate behaviour.


Leo Man

The man born under the sign of Leo usually represents an extremely strong personality. The life force, the will for life, the courage, the confidence and the strong sense of honour are the obvious personality traits of this zodiac sign and also very motivating features for other people around. The Leo man is forgiving, has a chivalrous charm, but needs a lot of praise and recognition, even though you would not probably expect it by such a distinctive zodiac sign. However, such are the indisputable personality traits.

Personality Traits

Usually, Leo is not a miser. He will give you an expensive perfume from Paris for Christmas rather than a cheap sports deodorant. The proper Leo takes you right into the best restaurant and a will bring you a whole bouquet of flowers rather than one lone rose.

Leo man is often a gallant and handsome suitor. A busy social life is waiting for you, because he likes to show off with you in public. And if you choose a serious relationship, then be aware that the Leo man will care about what you do and what you think, what you wear and what friends do you have – the Leo man has often the feeling that his mate belongs to him entirely, from the body to the soul. Thus, get ready, because he will mentor your life. On the other hand, the Leo man will protect and love you. Be his audience and let him know that he is the perfect one. The brave Leo will then turn into a cute kitten.

Leos are kind and generous, but sometimes so impressed with themselves, that they are not sufficiently sensitive to the feelings of others. Yes, an inconvenient personality trait, but hard to do anything with it. Therefore they can be sometimes tactless and cruelly honest in a way, it hurts. But the reason is not that Leos would like to deliberately hurt you. Their personality is just very straightforward and they do not like plots and intrigues.

Men born under the sign of Leo are usually jealous. Certainly they will not justify your infidelity by reason. The life is not a chess game for the Leo man. How they feel, they also act. Do not forget, Leo is in fact a beast, and that affect his personality a lot. Of course, he understands that the world must have a certain order. Therefore the Leo man would hardly withstand a mate that would be significantly “bigger” (position, appearance etc.), no matter if at home or in society. The Leo man has to be the master and the king of the animals.

Leo Woman

The Leo woman has the ability to see things not only with the human eyes, but also with the inner vision. She can take the full advantage of intuition and all her senses to assess the current situation. The personality of Leo woman is active, purposeful and independent. She likes to achieve the objectives and does not even hesitate to arrange them by force. Her goal is to live the life with broad amount of options and to gain the profit from them, to develop the inner strength and creativity. The Leo woman is strongly influenced by instincts and sensuality what typically results also in rich erotic life.

Personality Traits

Leo women are intelligent, capable and strong. The Leo woman is certainly not a silent housewife who would sit at your feet in the evening to eagerly listen your every word. You should quickly forget on such “submissive lioness” who would humbly serve to you.

She wants to build her own career and you will be glad if you, as her mate, will manage to accommodate to this trend. When she agrees to be emotionally “possessed” by you, it may be a great concession in her pride. The Leo woman sees herself as the “luxury goods”, thus, when she allows you to court her, or even to love her, she dubs you from an ordinary man to a nobleman. You can definitely count ambitiousness, high self-esteem and boldness among her personality traits.

The Leo woman will love you but only if you prove that you are strong enough. Of course, you must not look just like Arnold Schwarzenegger (by the way, he is born also under the sign of Leo!), but she expects someone who has a good figure, strong personality, sex appeal and, if possible, also something in the wallet. To nurture a Leo woman is not easy in the end. If it is a young pubescent girl, maybe she will go with you on a hot dog, but if we are talking about a mature woman, then be aware that she will definitely not be modestly naive.

If your house resembles a shack and you look like a country bumpkin to whom straws are sticking out of shoes, frankly, then your prospects are very slim. The Leo woman wants a nice and spacious house, or rather a palace. She will also not run around in ragged sweatpants with ruffled greasy hair. It will be a lady who can be enchanted only by your grandiose dwelling and your perfection. But be careful. Arrogance, pride and the contempt of poverty are not her typical personality traits – the Leo woman simply likes certain quality and style, that is all.

Please, do not be jealous of her, if she wants to be in the centre of attention. Leos love basking in the sun. There is no easy help, because you can not quickly change the personality to anyone. And most likely no Leo woman even cares about getting appropriate advices and guidance from you (perhaps only in her capricious spending it may sometimes be necessary).

Remember that even though she may have a soft and calm character, neat personality, if necessary, she will pull out the claws and begin to struggle. Especially if she feels threatened. Her claws are hidden, but they are properly sharp!

Famous Leos


Barack Obama, politician (4 August, 1961)
Bill Clinton, politician (19 August, 1946)
Arnold Schwarzenegger, sportsman, actor and politician (30 July, 1947)
Mick Jagger, singer (26 July, 1943)
Robert De Niro, actor (17 August, 1943)
Dustin Hoffman, actor (8 August, 1937)
Sean Penn, actor (17 August, 1960)
Robert Redford, actor (18 August, 1936)
Antonio Banderas, actor (10 August, 1960)
David Duchovny, actor (7 August, 1960)
Wesley Snipes, actor (31 July, 1962)
Woody Harrelson, actor (23 July, 1961)
Kevin Spacey, actor (26 July, 1959)
Louis Armstrong, musician (4 August, 1901)
Neil Armstrong, astronaut (5 August, 1930)
Usain Bolt, athlete (21 August, 1986)
Pete Sampras, tennis player (12 August, 1971)
Fidel Castro, politician (13 August, 1926)
Hugo Chavez, politician (28 July, 1954)
Henry Ford, carmaker (30 July, 1863)
Alexander Fleming, scientist (6 August, 1881)
Alexandre Dumas, novelist (24 July, 1802)
Stanley Kubrick, director (26 July, 1928)
Carl Jung, scientist (26 July, 1875)


Madonna, singer (16 August, 1958)
J. K. Rowling, novelist (31 July, 1965)
Jennifer Lopez, actress (24 July, 1969)
Sandra Bullock, actress (26 July, 1964)
Whitney Houston, singer (9 August, 1963)

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