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Leo - February Horoscope 2015


Horoscope for February - Leo

Leo, the horoscope for February predicts that you can await adventure where you would not expect it. Leave for a month in the jungle with a machete, it naturally brings the premonition of adrenaline. But who would guess that you can bring home a tarantula with bananas from your favorite grocery store. Frankly, this scenario is probably difficult to fill. However, be careful, because February has actually some surprises for you. It is a good news for those who appreciate the excitement. For all the lazy and comfortable Leo it is a challenge to took off their slippers and stretch their claws for practice. Kiss your partner's forehead and go together towards new experiences hand in hand. You do not know what, you do not know where, but it's coming! So be prepared. Two is better than one. And you will enjoy your adventure twice!

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