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Scorpio - February Horoscope 2015


Horoscope for February - Scorpio

Scorpio, yesterday is history and tomorrow only a vague vision. According to the February horoscope you will perceive your life as a ship sailing in the river of time. Do not forget that you are holding its helm. You cannot change sharp curves that accompany your cruise. These are determined by your destiny. But you can influence the pace, direction and if you are lucky also the crew. Do not be discouraged by purposeful people who do not wish you luck. The smarter ones will ride on the boat with you. Only real fools will waste their time by putting you obstacles in the way. Avoid such people from far away and if a collision seems inevitable, at least let them know that their efforts makes no wrinkles to you. Your horoscope suggests, contempt is better than the energy lost in a combat.

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