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Aquarius - 2016 Horoscope

Aquarius, the horoscope for 2016 will please those of you who like athleticism and sports overall. If you want to make your body well, you should start to move more. And which movement is most natural for humans? It's walking! Therefore leave out all means of transport where it is actually possible and go on your own. To the Aquarians living in the city (with some exaggeration) will sidewalks become a second home. And everyone else will get at least an honorable place in the Tourist Club.

If you live or work on the upper floors of a building, avoid the lift and give thanks for the fact that you can train your feet. Seriously, you do not need to spend money on a gym or tennis lessons. With the common move that combines daily activities you can achieve most for your health. The purpose of course is not to be socially embarrassed. You certainly can not come in sports shoes and sweat-stained shirt to some important business meeting. However, keep in mind that a slightly reddened cheeks are sexier than a few extra kilos at your hips. And if you walk more often on foot, already in the spring you will hear how are you beautifully tanned. Especially those who spend all their time in the car or subway, and know the sun rather by hearsay, will flatter you first. So the first advice in the horoscope for Aquarius is: "In a healthy body, healthy mind". Be fit in 2016 and well-being will come soon.

The second area on which you should focus in 2016 is to be exemplary for others. Modesty aside. Even if you don't have your own children, you should know that you are a model for others. They are often closely watching you. It would be a bit narrow-minded to say that you can't cross the road by red light. It is rather about the general principles. Of course, the one who does not respect the rules is often "cool". But if you will avoid the rules (whether they are related to security or society) it is not excluded that in 2016 you will end up with a broken nose. The horoscope therefore urges Aquarius to behave just the way you like to others would behave towards you. Because more than ever you'll run into echoes of your own actions. Wrongly discarded banana skin will induce a broken leg most likely to you alone. And so, if you give someone a flower, this kind deed will brighten your own face in the first place.


The 2016 brings warm prospects in relationships. If you already love someone, the relationship should flourish, and if you are still looking for love, you can look forward to a truly romantic flare. Prepare yourself and the counterpart – you both will experience gentle and suggestive moments. The sense of humor will be of particular importance according to the Horoscope. To pour a bucket of cold water on a sleeping sweetheart can serve as an interesting test of resilience of your relationship, however, you should choose a more subtle means.

If you are a woman, you can put on a purple nightgown and try to tickle your partner with a feather in his ear in an unexpected moment. If you are a man, gently massage the partner's head and casually tell her that you see a gray hair. In such situations you will realize whether your partner has an important sense of humor and if he or she can take the life with sufficient detachment.


The Aquarius horoscope points out that in 2016 could colleagues at work be totally unbearable and opposite to that your superiors appreciative. But unfortunately, it may be vice versa. The real problem is that it is not possible to please them all. Trying to be good with everyone, will easily end up by damaged spine (it's meant metaphorically, not literally) – so be aware that you are often on thin ice. Honesty sometimes hurts, but unfortunately can not be avoided. Regarding diplomacy, other zodiac signs are better than you, so take your wits and do not be afraid to say what you really think. It will only help to your career.

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