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Capricorn - 2016 Horoscope

Capricorn, you are one of those who thinks over the consequences of all actions. And you do not usually go headlong into things. That's why you enjoyed rather successful recent years, at least materially. The Greek proverb says “others goat has a fuller udder”, so you can always find a reason to envy. But you're still sufficiently self-critical and you have a realistic view of the world, so you know that human kind is now in one of its best historical stages. When people lingered the highest average age and when was the lowest infant mortality rate? When people were the least reliant on the goodwill of the mighty or on support of their families? When lasted the peace in USA and Europe for so long? You surely know that the answer is “right now”!

The horoscope for 2016 therefore primarily appeals to your potential of humility and awareness. Capricorn will be able to exclude the envy from the mind and thus enhance own warm feeling of material prosperity and security. Beware, however, that matter would not win over the spirit in the end. Those who choose to focus on the achievements of our civilization can easily find that their belly is growing quietly and that they are breathless when climbing stairs.

According to the horoscope the food for thought in 2016 should also be your thoughtfulness. This thoroughly welcome quality borders up to unhealthy reticence by some Capricorns, by others this characteristic gains a shape of calculation, and last but not least it can even result in indecision or indifference. Besides your common sense, pay attention to all impulses that come from the heart. Do not try at all costs to optimize and capitalize your time, relationships and the accumulated experience. Do not be afraid to slow down or even stop completely for a time – efficient use of resources always do not necessarily lead to your greater life satisfaction.


The horoscope warns Capricorn that you can have a tendency to romanticize some issues in relationships. It's surprising how otherwise purposeful Capricorn can easily lose the ability to think rationally in love. But such is life, and you need to prepare for its pitfalls. Pink glasses are naturally friendly and able to induce a feeling of peace and serenity. Pink glasses are also always far too lenient and it is only a matter of time when their intoxicating effect will fade away. Therefore do not believe to anything what seems strikingly beautiful during 2016. As well as a free gift that you get at a sales presentation (which is actually not free but included in the price of the offered goods), likewise the love that comes to you without any conditions at first glance can have its hidden and important "but".


In 2016 the work area will be especially important for the Capricorns, above all how they can attract others. Remember that your charming look is half the battle. The horoscope says unequivocally: the beauty is worth investing in. But you must feel comfortable and at ease in any new dress or hairstyle. Your neighborhood is receptive and everyone would immediately know if you were trying to enhance your natural beauty with improper means. Pay attention to how you look, but do not rush. Experiment with important changes, first in private and among closest friends. Thus friends and acquaintances are also those who will help you build confidence and possibly make a path to a better job. Indeed good friends are here to help you. And moreover, if they see how capable and attractive you are, they will gladly open the door to higher floors for you.

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