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Gemini - 2016 Horoscope

Gemini, in 2016 ten will be a key number for you. You have ten fingers on your hands, so you will do well in manual labor. That's not all, your ten toes will also help to ensure that you will not pointlessly sit at home but you will visit many interesting and inspiring places. Ten is also the symbol of the basic opposites – yin and yang – it contains the numbers 1 and 0, which are the clear expression of existence and non-existence (truth or falsity) in our digital world. The horoscope therefore suggest that the year 2016 will be very distinctive for Gemini.

Prepare yourself that you will often have to choose between two poles, to cope with conflicting and contradictory opinions or demands. These huge differences may cause mistrust and questions in you. Is the world full of love or full of hate? Does my life make sense or am I just an useless grain of sand in the desert? Gemini, to reply such questions will certainly not be easy, but you will manage it!

According to the horoscope you can expect a year that will bring very specific and new sensations. You will realize how you have previously become to be a victim of your various unrealistic visions. In 2016, you will certainly feel defiance when you now understand how some people inappropriately treat you. Gemini can expect a turning point that will open up new horizons and possibilities in life. Important is, that you will find an important source of energy in yourself. It will give the necessary life motivation to all your ten fingers and toes.


In 2016, be sure not to allow your emotions and deceptive advertising run away with you. Love is a relationship between people of flesh and bone, not just a nice cloud at which you could comfortably rest and let yourself be pampered. The horoscope tells that you partner will require a great deal of communication and understanding which is metaphorically “feeding” your relationship. Such positive support is crucial for the future. You need to be able to listen, but also to tell what bothers you and what you want. The right moment is important. Do not try to address your partner with your problems at once. Suggest a topic from time to time and wait if it will engage the attention of your partner.


You know the tale about the Red Riding Hood? In the case of Gemini the sphere of work will be similar to it. Even when the wolf can be disguised as a hungry competitor or a jealous co-worker, yet it does not mean that you have a cause for concern. Gemini have a rapier wit, so certainly you will not be surprised by any cheap mask. And in all cases, be sure that someone wise and experienced stands behind you. In case of trouble this fairy hunter will help you out of the woods!

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