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Leo - 2016 Horoscope

Leo, your claims are known as high. What has happened in recent years in your life, certainly can not be described as perfect. Naturally you expect better direction from 2016. The horoscope brings you good news. The planets will favor Leo's glamorous appearance and their skills. Nothing, of course, does come by itself. It is just a potential, which you should use to your advantage.

Regarding the appearance, your hairstyle or a change of your entire visage can highlight your whole tuning, which will be peaceful and dignified. As the saying goes, it does not matter what you do, but the way you look. This will be twice true for Leo in 2016. Definitely you do not want to have haggard appearance, as many of your friends, who can not handle the work or private life. The haste will bring you only annoyance. Pay attention to how you look in the first place and success is not long to wait.

Remember also the positive signals that relate to your manual skills. Set yourself a goal. Are you a woman and you want to do a course of manicures, nail modeling or cosmetics and makeup? It is already time to look around to find out who has the best references in this area! If you are a man, think about whether your skilled hands can be helpful when improving your home. Do you want to put together a small kitchen or to build a wine cellar in the garden? The horoscope for 2016 gives thumbs up to such rare efforts! And if you are among the people without the constructive ambition, try to torment your mind and hands by folding Japanese origami in the free time.

A typical question that comes up during the year to Leo's mind is: “How to find the right balance in life”. It is therefore good to know that a lucky number for you will be five. This number can be called in short as “an adventurous journey”. The horoscope therefore advises – you should always seek a balance between the desire for freedom and adventure, activity and curiosity on one side and negative siblings of these qualities as irresponsibility and hedonistic approach to life, impudence or arrogance.


Leo, you will be red as a tomato this year. Your concentration will be easily distracted by a counterpart with a well-built body, and if a suitable perfume will enter into the game, you will not know where to look. There will be no lack of the interested suitors as well. Therefore enjoy, if someone is courting you. But do not be acquisitive and forget questions about someones bank account. It is too shortsighted. Important will not only be how your admirer looks and what he owns, but if his nature is pure and clear.


The horoscope recommends truthfulness. It is definitely worth in 2016 for all those born under the sign of Leo. You can do magic with sales statistics or website traffic – besides, statistics are here for easy manipulation or different interpreting – but you should be honest in your views and especially when telling the facts. Thanks to your openness and straightforwardness, you will gain respect by others. People appreciate that not only fresh breath, but also stylish and truthful opinions comes out from your mouth.

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