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Libra - 2016 Horoscope

Libra, the horoscope for 2016 highlights your own efforts as particularly important (does not matter if in work or in private). If you've had interesting ideas previous years, you probably often have not finished them to a successful end. In 2016, however, you have a great chance to change this approach. Of course, that the typical indecision was not the only enemy for many Libra's. If one cares about family and has a very responsible job one must simply know that his free time can be playfully count on the fingers of one hand.

But now you have a unique opportunity to change (at least to some extent) the method of your functioning. And your work, that you resolved to do, will go like a clockwork. The important thing is, firstly – that your fate will be more favorable in the promoting of your own wishes and ideas, but above all – that somewhere deep down you will steer the source of your energy on the right track. You will not needlessly dissipate your power in negligible tasks and thus you will avoid the aimless treading of water. The horoscope indicates that a mosaic of diverse duties will be replaced with a clearly set goal. Now add diligence to this effort, which might even the bees well envy to you. Hard work, effort and good intention will crown the success of your journey in the year 2016.

You can be surprised by unusual problems, especially they may focus on electronics you need for everyday life. Imagine that instead of the now commonly used mobile phone you needed all this before: a camera and photo album, video player, a shelf full of DVDs or VHS tapes, camcorder, computer games, pen and paper, GPS navigation, voice recorder, flashlight, calendar, pulse measurer, calculator, magazines and many other things. Now you can, with a little exaggeration, carry the half of the household in your pocket wherever you go. But, what if your mobile goes wrong? Actually, there are many inconveniences waiting for you in such case.

The Horoscope for Libra therefore strongly recommends that you do not only pray, but use also the common sense and take all available steps to ensure that your electronics, and above all the data stored on it, were safe. Install an antivirus program on your phone as well as the protection against its theft (encoded lock screen is not enough). The basic version is free. Photographs and other data can be backed up using cloud services, and finally your computer deserves to be regularly copied to an external drive or stored in a cloud.

If you do not understand the electronics well, 2016 is a unique opportunity for changing this handicap. Above all, try to learn the necessary instructions on the Internet (YouTube videos are often the easiest way). But you can also take the advantage of the willingness of your partner or co-worker. Surely they will be glad to help you. Nobody is perfect and that makes the world to be an amazing place where people can share their experiences and communicate together.


The partnership is the really important area for Libra in 2016. But those Libra's that remain lying on the back with eyes in the sky, they will probably not achieve the desired love. At least not to such an extent they would imagine. Therefore the horoscope for Libra encourages mainly to activity and energetic effort. If you expect that a knight on a white horse will appear one day (a graceful princess in the case of men) and will fall to your feet, you can easily be disappointed. Better pick out a man or a woman of your dreams yourself and try to prove on your own by various virtues and advantages, why you're the right ones. Be rather brief and concise in the speech, dress up nicely and prove to your counterpart that you know how to cope with the life.


According to the horoscope 2016 will be full of prosperity in the professional sphere. But only when Libra will keep a cool head. Remember the saying “silence is golden”. Try to look classy and especially do not talk more than necessary. This way you will get wise and mysterious aureole of an expert. Once you open your mouth, make sure, that your speech is clear and precise. Do not talk in riddles. Customers and coworkers will appreciate your honesty. Do not be afraid of criticism when it is in place. The horoscope forecast, that you will pleasantly surprise others with fresh ideas in 2016.

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