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Pisces - 2016 Horoscope

Pisces, the investment in education is worth according to the horoscope for 2016. As you know, no pain no gain. And so, without the continuous improvement of your knowledge, you can not expect that you would make any significant progress or even a lifetime discovery. Of course you can “turn off” your head and quietly and effortlessly float with the flow, but would this attitude bring you joy? By all accounts, this year you have great potential to reveal what is hidden to others. You can predict the next bubble in stock markets or just know that the neighbor's relationship is somehow amiss, before they realize it themselves.

The horoscope for lonely Pisces recommends to acquire a furry friend. This will prevent downcast moods and memories of times when it was better in your life. Four-legged friend can also protect you in moments when you would hardly find help. But don't worry – 2016 should be a relaxing stage of your voyage. Already now can Pisces look forward to bask tranquilly their fins in some sunny sea bay. However to enjoy such a blissful comfort you need to train your muscles and mind many months during the winter. Only those who are not idle will be lucky enough to receive something extra. Who longs for some rest, will see the extra leave, who longs for the property, will not miss the replacement of car or furniture for a better and more luxurious.

Ambition is a quality that Pisces should support and cultivate this year. But be cautious, it is not about the unhealthy competitiveness and desire to win at any cost. If you want to eat, you can go to a restaurant or, what the horoscope warmly recommends, try to create the right eating pleasure only on your own. A crispy pancake is certainly a piece of art, especially if it can be prepared in your own pan and turned by a sleek toss. So are the challenges in 2016. Entirely professional activities should Pisces leave to the specialists, but enjoy all you can do yourself. Develop your skills and knowledge and wait for a sweet reward. Your efforts will be justly repaid.


It will be difficult with love this year. As they say, "is not gold that glitters", and you should be prepared to the fact that you can take someone's bait. If you already have a partner, you're relatively safe, but beware if you are just looking around to find true love.

The horoscope tells, no Pisces can be sure if the tempting morsel is a real delicacy or just a fisherman's decoy. However, if you will armor beforehand with mild dose of skepticism, you may not be disappointed that one suitor is a crafty bird and the second one turns out to be an arrogant peacock. Love is certainly not unbeatable for you, it just takes time. And you should learn to cultivate the emotional diet that will protect you from the blind infatuation.


Continuous work may well bring economic growth, but certainly not permanently. Pisces, who toils ceaselessly, will obtain an ugly haggard look sooner or later. The hard earned money will not bring you such ultimate benefit what might seems today. Or you begin to miss the time to really enjoy the accumulated finances.

The horoscope therefore urges – try to remove everything superfluous from your work during 2016. You can delegate some obligations and also the effort of some colleagues to use your kindness is also good to moderate significantly. Of course, you can't get out from the jungle of tasks and duties straight to an empty desert (Pisces really don't like dryness). But try to make your work landscape look as much as possible clear and you will feel safe.

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