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Sagittarius - 2016 Horoscope

Sagittarius, the infinite number of experiences awaits you in 2016. Traveling will be among the most important ones. Perhaps you are already looking forward to the dizzy from visiting the Roman Colosseum, the bolder ones can also set out at Machu Picchu (located in the Peruvian Andes) and who misses 3460 kilometers with joy, can head to the Great Wall in China and pass it from its very start to the end. This is of course only a fraction of your countless travel possibilities, which you will according to the horoscope enjoy. The best guideline will be your intuition and the voice of the heart that will direct every Sagittarius to the different part of the world.

Important, however, it is another matter. The 2016 horoscope warns Sagittarius against falling into a state of the “boredom of epic proportions”. And what does it mean? It may seem incredible, but even though we live in a time of unlimited possibilities, you may be fairly quickly pall from the diverse range of various offers.

Imagine that in the summer you can go around half the world. Everything, of course, will you regularly publish on Facebook, so your friends will know immediately how good you are. But then completely exhausted you will find out how little you have actually experienced. In an effort to tame and utilize every minute of free time, in an attempt to capture and document all, you are often loosing the uniqueness and casualness of your inner experience. So be sure on your tour to think on what really matters, namely on yourself.

The boredom, which the horoscope warns against, may still have a different form. Modern man invented the entire entertainment industry to help him deal with the free time. Sagittarius, don't you consider the word "industry" in conjunction with entertainment as at least strange? To handle your valuable free time, you do not need the Hollywood or other famous show biz factories. Therefore in 2016 you will do best when focusing on authentic experiences with your counterpart, family and friends. Then every moment can be a rare original in comparison with a life in “plastic” Disneyland.


In the sphere of relationships the authenticity and genuineness of feelings will be very valuable to you. Sagittarians are able to dissemble, but usually not for long time. Complicated maneuvering in half-truths may also be frustrating very soon. You will feel pity when encountering unnecessary lies and insincere excuses – more than a drop in prices on the stock market would hurt. Your heart will warm the feeling of closeness of a true love. Concentrate on a peaceful poetic harmony and romantic intimacy that can deepen the mutual understanding and common perception of the world between partners.


The horoscope for 2016 sees the Sagittarians potential in the work, which is primarily based on dissatisfaction with stereotyped activities. You will bear resentfully if your days in the work will resemble alike. It will even evoke the desire for radical change by some Sagittarians. Those lucky ones may gain new and softer limits from superiors. Others will fight with clenched teeth under the lash of a boss. However, the advice is simple – if you indeed can not tolerate this further, make the necessary change. The world will certainly not collapse. Just finish what you started (to not leave the unfinished work and to be considered as responsible) and go to find the real luck.

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