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Scorpio - 2016 Horoscope

Scorpio, there was enough hypocrisy and pretense in recent years. The horoscope clearly indicates that one of your main wishes for 2016 is that the atmosphere around should be full of sincerity, openness and fair play. How much energy you have lost when you had to lie to someone (even if it was the compassionate lie)? How much time does cost the pretending and creating the false impressions? Customers, friends, family – they all were part of a challenging game of truth and falsehood, in which you have become a victim many times in the end.

Live sincerely and heartily – it is indeed a bit absurd desire, the world will certainly not change because of Scorpio's horoscope. But you can still try to create a better and more comfortable environment around you. In 2016 you have the best preconditions. Be an example and show others that to think honestly and act fairly is the good and right way.

All Scorpios should also focus on education this year. Nobody will obviously deny you the university or high school diploma, or the vocational certificate for which you have studied for years. But the question is whether the level of your education is, in our rapidly changing world, the sufficiently solid foundation. If you were already thinking about further studies, now comes the right time.

To be understood properly, it is not just about your job. The real value of education lies in the joy of understanding the world and resolving the many issues that occasionally troubles you. Therefore focus on independent research, reading books, and tracking documents in 2016. Whether you are interested in psychology, construction of military ships, or the cultivation of ornamental flowers, definitely develop your skills further. Try to take an advantage of the chance to enrich your life by valuable knowledge that will not only broaden your horizons, but also will make you happier in the end.


The emotional life for Scorpio will be a real challenge according to the horoscope. In 2016 you can await love, but imbued with irritation, disputes and insecurity. If you are a woman, your heart can easily seize an exotic dandy, and if you are a man, be ready that your thoughts will easily dominate a goddesses beautiful as Aphrodite. It does not matter if you are engaged. Your heart may be unsettled within few hours by a sudden burst.

Use your wits, especially if you have family or partner commitments. Anyone can fall in love, but in a well full of love can one also drown quickly. Therefore do not relay on first impression and do not rush with any decision regarding relationships. Your reward will be an eventful year, full of emotions. However, the reins in hands will be tightly clutching nobody else than you.


Scorpio, focus on your calendar entries. If you are often surprised by some task that unexpectedly emerge above the surface, the problem may be just in the way how you plan and sort your work. Only conscientious Scorpios have a chance to succeed and slackers can unfortunately lose their jobs.

The horoscope urges Scorpio to learn from previous mistakes. Make use of the collective and benefit from the feeling that you belong to a team. You can already clearly see on whom you can rely and who is better to keep away from the body. Concentrate your attention to important projects and contracts, despite the fact that you will not comply with all requirements of your superiors. It is still better to do one thing properly than ten halfway.

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