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Taurus - 2016 Horoscope

Taurus, you will feel perfectly in 2016. The horoscope suggests that you will choose the right direction from the very beginning of the year. The stars will send down good great wind in your sails. However, in order to reach peace, comfort and serenity in your soul, you need to think about some pitfalls you'll face.

Revenge is not your typical characteristic, but certainly you do not like to forgive the wrongs. The year 2016 represents a challenge especially in the area of reconciliation. Taurus, Think about what you can do to get rid of old grievances (old quarrels with your friends, family etc.) Although people born in the sign of Taurus are gentle and kind, try to examine your conscience as well – to whom you did not behaved very well – and whether you can set these issues right.

The horoscope points out that another thing you should have in mind during 2016 is your lifestyle. More specifically, the rhythm in which your days are going on. It is easy to say "no stress … do not worry about it" but try such approach actually put into practice. Certainly you will encounter the misunderstandings and obstacles (either from superiors or customers). Unfortunately, it is often very difficult to change the environment.

The horoscope advises to Taurus, try to change the everyday pace dropwise. For example, if you eat the lunch in rush, get rid of this habit gradually. Be firm in the principles and do not let interfere the work with your meal. Week after week take less and less care about the pressure that others try to develop on you. Ignore the phone ringing and if you can afford this kind of luxury, switch it completely off for half an hour or more. The world will surely not collapse during this time.


According to the 2016 horoscope for Taurus, it is appropriate to keep your suitors a bit on distance. Reserved attitude gives you an aura of mystery and rareness. The one, who really loves you, will your reluctance stir up to romantic actions. And those, who are only pretending some deeper interest, will loose appetite for romantic adventures.

The sudden outburst in 2016 is also not excluded. You can attract ethereal beings that complement your earthy and practical nature. However, be careful to give your heart to some full-time dreamer whose aim always evaporate like the morning mist.


Taurus, get ready to encounter a scarecrow named bureaucracy in the 2016. Even if you are diligent and consistent, you really get the blood pumping when you see some forms. If you can, avoid the authorities this year. Otherwise take the necessary paperwork with humor or as a essential and fatal test of your patience.

Contrary those, who work in administration, the horoscope calls for humility. Be the reasonable and sensible one and not condescending to others. You are careful and you see the mistakes that others miss. Highlight those errors with kindness and not with stinging criticism. Motivate others with ideas and smile.

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