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Virgo - 2016 Horoscope

Virgo, the year 2016 may raise concerns. When you watch the TV news, you can feel distress from what is happening in the world. It is quite possible that you would like to buy a ticket and travel to some distant, better and most importantly safer country. However, if you have a family or a partner, these thoughts will quickly pass. Because you are one of those responsible, someone who takes care and who is able to plan ahead.

Your fears represent a challenge that must be overcome. You do not have to pour the wax into the ears to avoid unfortunate statements. Just look into the mirror for a while. According to the horoscope Virgo expects the right “sprint to the goal” in 2016. Closest friends and family, they'll all be keeping their fingers crossed to your efforts. Whether you plan to release a collection of historical photographs from your grandmother or to program a new security application for mobile, definitely the sun will shine on your road.

You should also be prepared for the fact that you can register breathing difficulties next year. Unpleasant coughing can not only spoil the fun in winter but the summer vacation at sea as well. Therefore protect your neck well and be aware that an elegant scarf or shawl will enhance the solid substance of any Virgo.

The horoscope reveals that a decline on the stock market can also bring worry. You should therefore avoid risky investments. Not only the gold brick under your pillow will bring you the sweet sleep, but also genuine and amicable relationships with your loved ones. These are, as you know, more worth than anything else.


The horoscope advises that home should be a topic that engages the mind of Virgo throughout the year 2016. Your family, household and in exceptional cases even the sense of patriotism – these are omnipresent themes stimulating your soul. During the year, you will realize that your partner is in some cases slow and hesitant. While you would appreciate a more competitive atmosphere, his cute look reminds more a sleepy bear.

Virgo, you are bright and practical. Thus you should be reconciled with the fact that others do not work according to your wishes. You can undetected find the right time to choose something in return from your partner. Develop further this refined talent. It will be better than rocking the boat.


You will earn valuable points at work in 2016. The horoscope suggests that your ideas will be crowned with success. Colleagues and business partners will be positively surprised by the fact that fresh and innovative ideas can arise in the mind of someone who looks rather conventionally and unobtrusively at first glance. Therefore do not fear suggesting improvements, or diplomatically pointing out the shortcomings, where the work of others is truly deficient. If you are a man, perhaps you will get a new company car for your professional efforts and loyal attitude. If you are a woman, you can count on career advancement and significant bonuses for your conscientious work.

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