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Aquarius - 2017 Horoscope


2017 prediction

Aquarius, the horoscope for this year gives you an ideal opportunity to redress old wrongs and misunderstandings. If you currently suffer because of damaged relations, you can count on the fact that 2017 has strong potential to bring back peace and harmony. Have you dared to criticize your mother-in-law for a poor culinary performance? The smoke of her burnt cake will no longer resemble the sinister mushroom cloud. Similarly, if someone indecently called you a “beef” just because you could not sew the torn pants, or because you broke a souvenir glass at a visit, or because you completely lost a neighbor's jigsaw puzzle contest – forget the hate and forgive those who got angry with you in a tense moment. Aquarius, your element is air and air means clouds and view from above – the so much needed perspective and detached view.

The 2017 horoscope also boosts your empathy and ability to perceive others as an integral part of your life. Do you know the Grimm brothers' story about a young couple who did not want an old man at the table, because he was not exactly a pretty sight? They sat him behind the stove and gave him a wooden bowl because he broke the plate. But when they saw that their young child was preparing a wooden trough for them, they got frightened. Thus, Aquarius should learn a lesson and act similarly – the urge to turn the world upside down (or at least to give somebody a cold shoulder) will gradually pass by. You will love the people around you who are gentle and sympathetic to you. Well, remember the nice proverb: “you get as much as you give.”

Aquarius, you will hardly withstand all kinds of advice in 2017. Of course, other people have good intentions, but for example: why do you have to listen to anyone´s advice that this or that operating system on a mobile phone is better for you than the another one, when you simply do not like the actual phone. Or why should you wear a unicolor shirt when visiting your grandmother, if you truly desire to look like a peacock's tail or an angry octopus? It is not easy to get on with people, but you can do it. Assertively insist on whatever you want and smile to everyone. People should know that attempts to try to unsettle you are futile.


This year will bring luck to Aquarius in love, indeed in many ways. Those who hope their love seed will germinate, will not be disappointed. Thus, as the horoscope highlights, 2017 will strengthen your experience in relationships and love affairs. How to charm others and also how to recognize who loves you dearly and who is just pulling your leg – this will belong to general tests of words and acts of love that you will certainly pass. The wounds on your soul, if you carry any, will heal. Beware, perhaps, only of those who are suspiciously perfect and diligent. For example: if somebody sends flowers to you every day, such a person is either madly in love with you or has something up his or her sleeve and therefore makes such an unusually big effort to impress you. Both, however, do not indicate anything well.


The horoscope highlights the importance of your appearance and kind manners. Of course, results are equally important – spotlessly clean and neat mechanic who cannot repair cars well will be shocked when looking at his paycheck. However, a chef who is often not seen at all may not be spic and span, because you just see the result of his performance on your plate. His work, a beautifully arranged food, should be pleasant to look at, regardless its caloric value, vitamins or amount of salt. Aquarius, in 2017 try to find inspiration in saying: “No matter what you do, but what you look like when doing it” (or what impression does your work make). The appearance and beauty will be more important than before. Do your work with love to deserve a praise for aesthetic perfection.

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