The 2017 horoscope brings the hope and promise of many unusual experiences. Are you interested, how the next year will influence your life? How relationships, love and financial situation will develop? Read the horoscope for your sign and find out what challenges you will face and what delights you will enjoy. Look for the right wind in your sails and maximize all opportunities that are ahead.

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Aries - 2017 Horoscope

In 2017 Aries will be overflowing with competitiveness. Fire is the key element of this headstrong animal, so flames are blazing slowly but ceaselessly somewhere deep inside him or her. According to the horoscope, you will experience the rise of fresh energy ("the high heat"). A bird can lay precious and vital eggs, and you can expect a chance to create something new and wonderful this year. Would you like to start a healthy food shop? Organize a rock music festival? Succeed in a design competition? Or perhaps write a manual for young scouts? All this is possible and achievable more easily than ever ... (read more)

Taurus - 2017 Horoscope

Taurus, the horoscope says that in 2017 you will have a tendency to call a spade a spade. Diplomacy is very useful, but only until someone actually starts to control and manage your life intensively. Once you get the feeling that you miss the freedom and ability to make your own decisions, you will start with merciless criticism. But be careful. Ordering your relationships is often similar to going to hoe the whole garden. Although you will get an amazing feeling at the end of the day, you may find out that in your enthusiasm you have pulled out some precious flowers together with weeds. Unfortunately there is no help when somebody provokes Taurus or when you have to bear a grievance for longer time ... (read more)

Gemini - 2017 Horoscope

Gemini, perhaps you would like to imagine 2017 as a fairytale year. An idyll: abundance of milk, honey and flowering meadows on which you lie watching the changing clouds – but this dream is not as farfetched as it might seem at the first glance. However, you will have to follow the saying "If you want a thing well done, do it yourself". Thus, do not wait that a CEO of an international modeling agency will knock on your door just because he or she noticed how beautiful your smile was when you leaned out of the window. You will probably not find a chest full of gold coins during the garden cleanup either. And forget that people will change from a frog to a graceful princess (or a prince) with one magical kiss. But all this does not mean that 2017 will not be a truly fabulous year ... (read more)

Cancer - 2017 Horoscope

Cancer, the 2017 horoscope notes that you can get among the elite. Do not get scared, however, if you do not consider yourself to be one of the snobs or if you are not fawning over your boss. The elite is always blooming, a minority with special abilities. You do not necessarily need to feel as someone ignominiously eccentric. The other way round, you can be proud of yourself, because now you can open a door to deeper understanding of the outside world. This year, you can easily handle a very strenuous friction between adolescent requirements (also demands of your children) and the mature desire for peace of mind, even though you are undoubtedly quite weary of the responsible work ... (read more)

Leo - 2017 Horoscope

Leo, 2017 is not a favorable year for people who like to show off. Modesty cultivates those who sit on the throne of remarkable merits and proud actions. Let your actions speak louder than your words – if what you are doing is actually worth doing (no matter if it is just a fragrant homemade cake or a design of modern architecture), you can be sure that others will always appreciate it. Each Leo who can hammer a nail or iron a shirt nicely, has enough reasons to have a healthy self-confidence. And your pride does not have to be visible on the outside. Advertising one´s own "Self" is a common practice among those who are not really gifted and who only want to attract somebody's attention ... (read more)

Virgo - 2017 Horoscope

Virgo, just as white light passes through a prism and disperses in a beautiful spectrum of colors, in 2017 you can experience every seemingly trivial situation as a real fascinating novel. The world is becoming increasingly complex and that makes many zodiac signs rather nervous, but not you. Thus, the horoscope sees the sensitivity and intelligence of Virgo as a very positive quality. Just as new cameras are provided with more sensitive microchips with greater resolution (when the image from such a camera is enlarged on a computer, you see more details than before) similarly you become a better observer equipped with better ability to distinguish ... (read more)

Libra - 2017 Horoscope

Libra, if you have ever had the ambition to tell the world what you think and what an amazing challenges each day brings you, then 2017 is an ideal opportunity to get down to work. You can buy an expensive luxury ink pen, an old quill or super modern and stylish Apple notebook. The form does not matter – it is important that many of your thoughts are perfectly polished diamonds. But if you miss the opportunity to write them down as blog posts, personal diary or common notes, they will simply vanish from your memory like fine beach sand that slips through your fingers. If by chance you are a shy Libra, the horoscope advises: write calmly and relentlessly "for the drawer" (your unpublished memories form a special sort of reliable mirror in long run and that is a great value for life). ... (read more)

Scorpio - 2017 Horoscope

Scorpio, the horoscope predicts a rich harvest and positive light that shines through the whole 2017 as a strong golden thread. The luck will certainly not miss you. But you do not have to compare yourself with others so much. Try to be better each day than you were yesterday. Those who watch TV excessively could easily get a false impression of inferiority – you are not as skinny as Barbie or you do not swim as fast as Michael Phelps? You should know that it does not matter at all! The first example is a fictional plastic being and the other is with a little exaggeration a bit "invalid" because his non-standard body (hyper-flexible joints, extra large palms and feet, short legs, lung capacity etc.) allows him to swim faster than the rest of us, but such "built" is far from the common average ... (read more)

Sagittarius - 2017 Horoscope

Sagittarius, in 2017 you'll encounter many surprises. Unlike previous years, you can expect rougher way of life and the experiences bringing shock and wonder. However, do not be fooled. Obstacles are not here to make you upset and to obscure your vision of a sunny future. On the contrary! Your element is fire, so embark on overcoming difficulties with vigor. The horoscope encourages the Sagittarian´s confidence: Each day when you manage to swing through a little trouble, you'll feel like an ancient hunter who succeeded in lighting a fire with two bare stones. And if you solve a really big problem, your blood circulation will be flooded with endorphins and you will feel pleasure worthy of Edison the day he invented the light bulb. Don't forget: Good start is half the battle ... (read more)

Capricorn - 2017 Horoscope

Capricorn, questions regarding the teamwork and coexistence with others will be the essential issue in 2017. Our horoscope suggests that you will finally find out where you feel natural and pleasant. Being part of any group should in fact be more enjoyable (and frankly speaking more advantageous too) than acting on your own. People (including Capricorns) are employed primarily because they think that running their own business is too risky. Likewise, in love, you prefer cohabitation in a couple only if the shared joyous moments outweigh the sad disappointments and disagreements. Whether it is anyone important by your side (or in the role of the superior), you cannot be the one who only subsidizes the whole relationship or who sacrifices a lot for it ... (read more)

Aquarius - 2017 Horoscope

Aquarius, the horoscope for this year gives you an ideal opportunity to redress old wrongs and misunderstandings. If you currently suffer because of damaged relations, you can count on the fact that 2017 has strong potential to bring back peace and harmony. Have you dared to criticize your mother-in-law for a poor culinary performance? The smoke of her burnt cake will no longer resemble the sinister mushroom cloud. Similarly, if someone indecently called you a "beef" just because you could not sew the torn pants, or because you broke a souvenir glass at a visit, or because you completely lost a neighbor's jigsaw puzzle contest – forget the hate and forgive those who got angry with you in a tense moment. Aquarius, your element is air and air means clouds and view from above ... (read more)

Pisces - 2017 Horoscope

Pisces, we have a good news for you – 2017 will be an effective source of energy for you. Each month in your horoscope is like a unique stream of experience and inspiration. You can therefore expect that week after week you will slowly ascend into more harmonious spheres of life. The height gives you the necessary insight into problems and you can also rush into solving problems that will certainly not pass by. If you have experienced a disappointment in love, you can look forward to enjoying the feeling of happiness again. If your arms and legs (in case of Pisces rather imagine fins) are tired of work, you should know that the right balm for a weary body is the activity of your mind. Gold, silver and other riches of the world are pleasant, but more valuable is knowledge ... (read more)

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