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Cancer - 2017 Horoscope


2017 prediction

Cancer, the 2017 horoscope notes that you can get among the elite. Do not get scared, however, if you do not consider yourself to be one of the snobs or if you are not fawning over your boss. The elite is always blooming, a minority with special abilities. You do not necessarily need to feel as someone ignominiously eccentric. The other way round, you can be proud of yourself, because now you can open a door to deeper understanding of the outside world. This year, you can easily handle a very strenuous friction between adolescent requirements (also demands of your children) and the mature desire for peace of mind, even though you are undoubtedly quite weary of the responsible work.

Indeed, it is important to have a sophisticated plan for the entire 2017. Like a fine lace can decorate a plain dress and turn a useful but boring fabric into truly beautiful and unique clothing, equally certain schedule of your forces and deeper sense of purpose will help inspire and enrich your life immensely. Peeling off all the layers of an onion is not easy and most importantly you never know when you truly find the “inside” (in other words: you never know when you have already got rid of the ballast on the surface and when you can enjoy the juicy but sometimes rather irritating taste of things). Likewise the horoscope for 2017 predicts a season of prudence when all the fire of the heart will resemble the wise whisper of gentleness rather than the fiery roar of burning emotions.


Cancer, you might say that you have already experienced enough passion and restlessness. But the life goes on and you cannot retire to a monastery – either because you have a family or other commitments or simply because you are reluctant to give up the ultimate challenge which your life undoubtedly is. Never surrender and hold your head high. Cancer, begin to listen closely to all impulses coming from the depths of your soul. Many of them they will certainly look awkward or rude, but after a while you will eventually find that one way or another they somehow hauntingly belong to you. The horoscope indicates that in 2017 you will gain most in love, when you mercifully become reconciled with your own “shadow” (it is the hidden and often repressed part of every personality that is just hardly ever revealed to the word).


The horoscope for 2017 buries certain hopes related to the centralization of your work. Whether it is that you could become an official in Washington, D.C., or perhaps just that you and colleagues could transfer all agenda into one common software solution. It seems that such direction would make your blooming personality change into a dull one. The focus on one´s own modest uniqueness will suit Cancer's career more than surrendering to a larger scheme, method or group. Be yourself – be inspired by others but do not mimic or copy them. If your icon is Tiger Woods, you do not have to try to win the next golf tournament. It will suffice to be able to mow the lawn so that he and every other champion would appreciate it. Then both of you will be masters in the same field.

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