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Capricorn - 2017 Horoscope


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Capricorn, questions regarding the teamwork and coexistence with others will be the essential issue in 2017. Our horoscope suggests that you will finally find out where you feel natural and pleasant. Being part of any group should in fact be more enjoyable (and frankly speaking more advantageous too) than acting on your own. People (including Capricorns) are employed primarily because they think that running their own business is too risky. Likewise, in love, you prefer cohabitation in a couple only if the shared joyous moments outweigh the sad disappointments and disagreements.

Whether it is anyone important by your side (or in the role of the superior), you cannot be the one who only subsidizes the whole relationship or who sacrifices a lot for it. Capricorn, it is essential that you both feel better together than you would feel without each other. To be honest, neither one nor the other can pay the price of the relationship, on the contrary, both of you should benefit in 2017. The horoscope does not only emphasize the economic profit (although you will certainly pay the bills for gas, water and electricity more easily together, if your partner does not take a hot bath three times a day and does not water the garden the size of a large football pitch), but mainly the common harmony and experiences.

Good-looking and attractive people of the opposite sex – this is something that can make Capricorn really nervous in 2017, even if you have a long-term partner. The well-built body, the twinkle in the eye, and the sensual scent of someone who will cross your path – this will double your heart rate. Your feelings can break out with mighty strength, like the water gushing from a fully open hydrant. It is obvious that to maintain a calm face and above all rational thinking will be difficult in such moments, but also inevitable. Whether you are twenty or fifty, you can be proud of your sincere heart, which is definitely not cold and calculating.


It is not carved in stone that to remain in union with the long-life (or even the business) partner is some necessity which automatically leads to happiness. So, 2017 becomes a signpost that shows where the Capricorn's trail is heading to actual fulfillment. If you feel that your voice of love goes elsewhere (Are you bound or limited in a relationship? Or, vice versa, is the excessive freedom only emphasizing your loneliness and emptiness of each step?), you should definitely move forward and try to change the style which is creating the mosaic of your life day after day.


The horoscope for 2017 promises a considerable success at work for Capricorn. If you have been stressed in recent years, the result could be very “thin” for the moment, let´s say like a greyhound, but next months will more resemble the strength and fearlessness of a hippopotamus. An important feature will be the confidence that this powerful beast abounds with. Anyone who does not believe in themselves sufficiently can hardly convince others – let alone be able to work 100% professionally (such as a surgeon with hands shaking nervously). If you hear a strange ringing sound in your ears, it will probably not be the gong announcing your KO at the end of a boxing match, but bells of an angel who is bringing you inspiration and who wants to help you discover new horizons.

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