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Leo - 2017 Horoscope


2017 prediction

Leo, 2017 is not a favorable year for people who like to show off. Modesty cultivates those who sit on the throne of remarkable merits and proud actions. Let your actions speak louder than your words – if what you are doing is actually worth doing (no matter if it is just a fragrant homemade cake or a design of modern architecture), you can be sure that others will always appreciate it. Each Leo who can hammer a nail or iron a shirt nicely, has enough reasons to have a healthy self-confidence. And your pride does not have to be visible on the outside. Advertising one´s own “Self” is a common practice among those who are not really gifted and who only want to attract somebody's attention.

The 2017 horoscope prediction for Leo also indicates that even confident individuals may experience some healthy concerns this year. A small degree of uncertainty is always desirable and it enables you to keep your own vanity under control. Thus, welcome cracks that will occur in your bold plans as some “openings”, which may allow new light to shine on your life. Such cracks are not only the proof of a bad design and planning (limited schedule, lack of power reserves etc.), but they mostly serve as opportunities that will help you learn something new and thanks to this knowledge or skill you may be smarter next time. Perhaps you will even discover some truly remarkable and funny things such as the facts that giraffes only sleep half an hour a day, or that a black box on an airplane is actually orange.

The 2017 horoscope motivates Leo to appreciate the family more than other things. Try to contribute to its progress as much as you can. The real home is something you can not buy in any store. Although the time you spend with (devote or sometimes sacrifice to) your partner or children is never reflected on the payroll, you can gradually feel its influence in the warm pleasure in your heart.


All emotions (and love above all) will play very intense role in the life of Leo in 2017. You will soon realize how “naked” (open, sincere etc.) your love actually is – or needs to be. Hypocrisy is often required when dealing with reciprocal favors. This is always a kind of business, but sincere love, such as real maternal love, that is something completely different. A seductive man or woman can be well-dressed and socially highly positioned, but you will be interested in a genuine relationship, a true harmony of souls. Whomever you will offer your heart on your sleeve, they must be prepared for a great sincerity.


Leo's horoscope for 2017 warns about malicious practices. You know “harm set, harm get ...” Therefore expel all the gloomy and spiteful thoughts out of your head. Indeed, they will not help you. It is more likely you will get caught in your own trap. Surprisingly, a happy medium is the right way that leads to success at work. Those who stand out too much and poke out their naughty horns may lose them soon. However, even the one who lies with a blade of grass in their mouth comfortably on a cloud, may soon find out that their team has disappeared out of sight. So be relaxed and row at approximately the same rate as those around you.

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