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Libra - 2017 Horoscope


2017 prediction

Libra, if you have ever had the ambition to tell the world what you think and what an amazing challenges each day brings you, then 2017 is an ideal opportunity to get down to work. You can buy an expensive luxury ink pen, an old quill or super modern and stylish Apple notebook. The form does not matter – it is important that many of your thoughts are perfectly polished diamonds. But if you miss the opportunity to write them down as blog posts, personal diary or common notes, they will simply vanish from your memory like fine beach sand that slips through your fingers. If by chance you are a shy Libra, the horoscope advises: write calmly and relentlessly “for the drawer” (your unpublished memories form a special sort of reliable mirror in long run and that is a great value for life).

The bad news is that in 2017 all kinds of fraudsters will try to outwit Libra. One example from the distant past for illustration (the story will test how good your estimate is): A chess player challenged the emperor to a game. He demanded: if he wins, the emperor must put on each square of the chessboard always the double number of grains of rice than it is on the prior field (1 on the first field, 2 on the second, 4 on the third, 8 on the fourth etc.) The Emperor agreed and even wondered why his opponent didn't want something more valuable. But when he lost and began to count, he found out that it was not only impossible to fit so many grains of rice on the chessboard, but that even his rich granaries did not contain such outstanding amount.

Thus, the inspiration and the overall message for Libra is simple: do not believe to the cursory estimates and if someone wants to bet with you (or to make a genuine and obligatory deal) in 2017, read and think over everything very carefully. You can be easily tricked by somebody.


The horoscope suggests it is wiser for Libra to concentrate the energy on relationships rather than on breaking it up. Love is not like a lottery, where the rule is that the more tickets you buy, the better chances of winning you have. Love is more like a flower, which you need to choose carefully and then to take care of it if you want to grow it in your garden for many years. Therefore, pay attention primarily to deepening, not widening, your relationships this year. It is certainly better to have one good, sharp knife than three dull and rusty ones. Likewise, rather one intense love will help to bring you inward satisfaction more than three short and shallow ones.


Detailed knowledge is something you probably cannot avoid at work now. However, you do not have to look like a stockbroker who sits in front of ten monitors showing countless charts. To look at one single curve will perfectly suffice. And it is a curve of your satisfaction. The 2017 horoscope encourages Libra to be cautious. You have to accept the fact that it is not possible to inflate your capacity endlessly– indeed, the fairground balloon can explode with a nice loud sound when the pressure inside is a bit over. In certain conditions you can realize that to live happily you do not need a job which squeezes you like an orange by juice manufacturing. Thus, you can prevent high blood pressure and nausea simply by giving up the visions of growth. Libra, the 2017 horoscope advises, keep in mind that each true Libra must strive for the “balance” and not for the rise to heaven.

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